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Financial Benefits of Pre-Planning Cremation Services for Veterans

How can vets benefit from pre-planning cremation services?

If you are a veteran or a family member seeking affordable cremation services in Florida, understanding the financial benefits of pre-planning can provide you with peace of mind during a challenging time.

Taking proactive steps and considering pre-planning can help you secure fixed costs, avoid emotional overspending, and maximize the benefits available to veterans. Explore the financial advantages of pre-planning cremation services, empowering you to make informed decisions and ensure a dignified farewell for your loved ones.

The passing of a loved one is a deeply emotional event that brings immense grief and sadness. During this difficult period, making important decisions regarding funeral arrangements can be overwhelming.

By pre-planning, you can alleviate much of the financial stress and ensure that the wishes of the departed are honored respectfully. Here are some compelling financial benefits of pre-planning, especially forveterans seeking affordable options in Florida.

Secure Fixed Costs

One of the primary financial advantages of pre-planning cremation services is the ability to lock in a fixed cost for the chosen services. Funeral expenses can vary significantly over time due to inflation and changing market conditions.

By pre-arranging your cremation, you shield yourself and your family from potential price increases, ensuring that you pay the current rate for the services you select. This financial predictability is particularly important when seeking affordable cremation options, as it helps you plan your budget effectively without worrying about unexpected cost escalations.

Pre-planning allows you to research different cremation service providers and compare their prices. You can make informed choices, selecting services that align with your budget and preferences. Once you have settled on the services you want, the provider will provide you with a detailed cost breakdown. This means that, regardless of any price fluctuations in the future, you and your family will not be caught off guard by unexpected expenses.

Relieve the Financial Burden on Your Family

The passing of a loved one can be emotionally and financially challenging for families. By making arrangements in advance, you relieve the responsibility from your family’s shoulders, allowing them to focus on grieving and celebrating the life of their loved one without the added stress of managing expenses. Knowing that everything has been prearranged provides peace of mind and allows your family to navigate the process more smoothly.

During moments of grief, families are often confronted with a myriad of decisions, which can lead to emotional overspending. By pre-planning cremation services, you provide your family with clear instructions on your final wishes, sparing them from making difficult decisions in a time of distress. This thoughtful preparation allows your loved ones to focus on healing and remembering rather than worrying about financial strain.

Pre-planning services offer significant financial benefitsfor veterans and their families in need of affordable options in Florida. By securing fixed costs and relieving the financial burden on your family, you create a meaningful and dignified farewell.

Taking the proactive step of pre-planning not only ensures financial predictability but also provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your final wishes will be respected. As you consider the financial advantages of pre-planning cremation services, you empower yourself and your family to navigate this difficult period with greater ease and focus on cherishing the memories of your loved ones.

Pre-planning cremation services gives you the opportunity to take control of your end-of-life arrangements. It enables you to make thoughtful decisions, research available options, and select services that align with your budget and preferences. By proactively addressing these matters, you relieve your family of the financial burden and emotional strain.

Save Money by Pre-Planning with Florida Family Cremations

Pre-planning cremation services for veterans is a vital step in honoring their service and providing comfort to their families during times of loss.

Through pre-arrangement, veterans can take advantage of available resources and communicate openly with loved ones, creating a heartfelt farewell that reflects their individuality and dedication. With affordable options and a focus on supporting veterans and their families, Florida Family Cremations stands ready to assist those seeking a respectful and dignified tribute to our nation’s heroes.

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The Importance of Pre-Planning Cremation Services for Veterans

Honoring Heroes: The Significance of Cremation Services for Veterans

Cremation services for veterans hold immense significance in honoring the brave men and women who have selflessly served our country. Beyond paying tribute to their sacrifices, these services provide a dignified and respectful way to bid farewell to those who dedicated their lives to protecting our nation’s freedom.

For families in need of affordable cremation services, pre-planning these arrangements can be a wise decision that brings peace of mind during difficult times.

In times of grief and loss, having a clear plan in place can provide immense comfort to the family left behind. Pre-planning cremation services for veterans grants the gift of peace of mind, knowing that everything is taken care of according to the veteran’s wishes. This thoughtful act of preparation can help families focus on healing and come together to celebrate the life and legacy of their loved one rather than being overwhelmed by decision-making in the midst of grief.

The Benefits of Pre-Planning Cremation Services for Veterans

Cremation services for veterans offer a unique opportunity to celebrate the lives of those who have dedicated themselves to protecting our nation’s values and freedoms. By pre-planning these services, veterans can ensure that their wishes are known and respected, sparing their families from making challenging decisions during an emotionally trying period.

Moreover, pre-planning allows for greater control over the financial aspect of the arrangements, making it an appealing option for families seeking affordable cremation services in Florida.

One of the primary benefits of pre-planning cremation services for veterans is the ability to choose a specific location or memorial site. For some veterans, being laid to rest in a national cemetery holds deep meaning, as it symbolizes their connection to the nation they served.

By making these decisions ahead of time, veterans can secure their spot on these hallowed grounds, knowing that their final resting place will reflect their commitment to duty and country.

Other Benefits of Pre-Planning Cremation Services

Pre-planning cremation services also offers an opportunity to communicate and share important details with loved ones. Veterans can express their desires for the ceremony, whether they prefer a solemn and private event or a larger gathering to commemorate their lives. This open communication helps avoid misunderstandings or conflicts among family members, ensuring that everyone is on the same page regarding the veteran’s final wishes.

Moreover, pre-planning allows veterans to explore various options and find the most affordable cremation services that suit their budget. By researching different providers and packages, veterans can make informed choices, potentially saving money and ensuring that their families are not burdened by excessive costs.

As we consider the importance of pre-planning, it is essential to acknowledge the unique circumstances and needs that arise in times of loss. Grief can be overwhelming, and the emotional impact of losing a loved one who served in the military can be profound. Pre-planning offers veterans an opportunity to provide comfort to their families, knowing that their wishes are respected and their legacies are celebrated in a way that aligns with their values.

Furthermore, pre-planning provides an opportunity for veterans to share their life stories and personal histories. They can leave behind a legacy, sharing their experiences, values, and wisdom with future generations. This act of passing down knowledge can foster a stronger sense of connection and understanding among family members and friends, reinforcing the significance of their service and the sacrifices made for their country.

Another crucial aspect of pre-planning cremation services for veterans is the flexibility it provides in personalizing the memorial process. Veterans can outline their preferences for the ceremony, such as including military honors, playing specific songs, or involving fellow veterans in the proceedings. This personalization allows for a more meaningful and heartfelt farewell that truly reflects the individual’s life and service.

How to Keep Cremation Services for Veterans Affordable

In addition to the practical and emotional benefits, pre-planning also allows individuals to take advantage of available resources and benefits. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairsoffers various benefits to honorably discharged veterans. By pre-arranging their cremation services, veterans can ensure that they meet all the necessary requirements to access these benefits, easing the financial burden on their families.

Moreover, pre-planning cremation services for veterans allows individuals to review their estate plans and ensure that all legal documents, including wills and healthcare directives, are up-to-date. This comprehensive approach to end-of-life preparations provides an added layer of security and peace of mind for both the veteran and their loved ones, assuring that their affairs will be handled with care and according to their wishes.

Pre-planning is a thoughtful and proactive step that carries numerous advantages. From securing a meaningful memorial site and exploring affordable options to easing the financial burden on families and facilitating open communication, pre-planning empowers veterans to leave a lasting legacy while honoring their service to the nation.

This process provides reassurance during times of grief and ensures that the wishes of veterans are respected and fulfilled. By taking the time to pre-plan their cremation services, veterans can make a profound impact on their families and create a meaningful, heartfelt farewell that truly commemorates their life and service.

If you or a veteran you know is looking for affordable cremation services or pre-planning, contact Florida Family Cremations today. Veterans all over Florida rely on our services and trust us for our respect, care, and affordable services.

Which Part of the Body Does Not Burn During Cremation?

Which Body Parts Don’t Burn During Cremation?

Have you ever held cremated remains in your hand? If so, you may have noticed that the ash doesn’t feel as fine as wood ash. Instead, it’s coarse, like sand, and a bit heavier. That’s because some body parts don’t burn during cremation and require an additional procedure to reduce them to ashes. So, which part of the body does not burn during cremation?

We’ll look at that. But first, here’s what you should know about the cremation process:

How Cremation Works

Unlike traditional burial, where the body takes years to decompose, cremation incinerates the body instantly. Before cremation, the crematorium’s staff prepares the body by removing jewelry and any external implants. They also remove devices like pacemakers because they have batteries that can explode during cremation.

After preparation, they put the body inside a cremation chamber, where the heat can go up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the temperature and the body size, the process can last two to five hours. During that process, some body parts will completely burn, while others will withstand the heat.

The Body Parts That Burn During Cremation

More than half of the human body is water that is trapped in body tissues and blood. During cremation, all the water evaporates. The high temperature in the cremation chamber consumes all soft tissues, including skin, muscles, hair, and organs. These parts evaporate as carbon dioxide.

That means they won’t become part of the ashes. If you receive black ash, that indicates some soft tissues were not fully consumed. Otherwise, a complete cremation leaves gray ashes.

Here’s what the gray ashes contain:

The Body Parts That Don’t Burn During Cremation

As hot as the cremation chamber is, it doesn’t destroy the bones. Most crematoriums use temperatures between 1,400 and 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. And bones start to break down at temperatures of 1,100 degrees Celsius or 2,012 degrees Fahrenheit.

Parts of the human teeth also survive the cremation process. The inside part has a soft pulp that evaporates under intense heat. But the hard outer shell and the enamel may withstand the high temperature.

During cremation, the heat destroys the muscles that join the bones. So at the end of the process, you’ll have bone fragments. These fragments are usually too large to put in a cremation urn. So an additional process is needed to grind them into ash. The grinding process may not produce smooth ash. That’s why cremated remains feel coarse.

Also, human ashes are quite heavier than wood ashes because bones have more density. But the actual weight of the ashes will depend on the height and age of the deceased. Taller people have longer bones and produce more ashes, while children and older people have less dense bones. Notably, being overweight doesn’t lead to more ashes because all the fat burns during cremation.

Sometimes, a body may have artificial implants placed during cremation.

Here’s what happens to them:

What Happens To Body Implants During Cremation?

Some implants can be prosthetics, meaning they replace missing body parts. Others help monitor or support body organs. Before cremation, only external implants and those that pose a risk to the cremation process are removed. Breast implants and artificial hips are cremated with the body.

Implants and prosthetics can survive the cremation process, depending on their materials. Silicon breasts burn in the heat. But metallic parts survive the process. So after the cremation, metal implants, such as gold fillings, titanium, and cobalt alloys, are left. The crematorium staff uses powerful magnets to remove the metal from the bone fragments. That means the ashes you receive don’t contain metal parts, just the bones. That said, where do these metals go?

Family members can claim them. And if they don’t, the metals are usually donated or taken for recycling. Some charitable organizations recycle them and give them to developing countries where people would otherwise be unable to afford them.

Final Word

The cremation process doesn’t destroy all parts of the body. It only consumes all the soft tissues, leaving behind bones and parts of the teeth. These bones are processed into a fine powder, making up cremated remains. If the deceased had metal implants, these too survived the cremation heat but aren’t included in the ashes.

If you’d like to know more about cremation, Florida Family Cremations is here to help. We offer affordable cremation services in Clearwater, Florida. Our packages include direct/simple cremation and veterans’ services, with the option of prepaying for cremation.

Cremation Ash Ideas: What to Do After You Receive a Loved One’s Ashes

10 Best Cremation Ashes Ideas

After cremation, the next step involves deciding what to do with the ashes. If the deceased had not expressed their wishes, there are a world of possibilities for what you can do with the ashes. While most families keep the remains in an urn, you can explore other options and see what’s best for you. Let’s consider 10 of the most common ideas for cremation ashes:

Scattering the Ashes

You can opt to scatter your loved one’s ashes after cremation in the ocean, river, lake, mountain, or garden. Alternatively, you can spread them at your loved one’s favorite vacation spot or a place where they always wanted to visit but never got the chance. Some even go to the extent of scattering the remains in space. In this case, the sky is truly the limit!

Burying the Ashes

You can bury your loved one’s cremated remains in your home garden or a public cemetery. If you bury the remains, use biodegradable urns because they are environmentally friendly. In addition, consider planting a tree with the ashes to create a living tribute to your loved one.

Columbarium Niche

Instead of burying the ashes in the ground, you can keep them in a columbarium niche. It can be a room or a shelf in a cemetery, church, or other place where the public is allowed to keep the ashes of their loved ones. This option gives friends and family of the deceased the freedom to visit the site at any time to honor their loved ones.

Coral Reefs

You can bury your loved one in the ocean as a coral reef, especially if they loved marine life. The process involves mixing your loved one’s remains with cement to build a reef-shaped structure. Then this structure is dipped in the coral reef to provide shelter for small sea creatures.

Pieces of Art

If you want a permanent tribute to make with cremation ashes, turn the remains into art. You can use the ashes to make a sculpture, glass art, or jewelry. An artist can do that for you, or you can use a 3D printer to produce unique art by combining some of the ashes with the printing material. The best part is that you can have your loved one’s name inscribed on that piece of art or include a short, heartfelt message.

Keepsake Urn

These are small cremation urns that hold a small amount of ashes. They help divide ashes among family and friends so that each member can remember the deceased in their own way. Due to their small sizes, keepsake urns are easy to carry wherever you go. And no one has to know what you’re carrying because it can be disguised as jewelry, a necklace locket, or a key holder.

Unique Memorial Tattoo

One of the trending cremation ashes ideas is drawing tattoos in memory of a deceased loved one. The process works akin to ordinary tattoos, except that the tattoo artist mixes a small amount of ashes with tattoo ink. Such tattoos usually include a message about the deceased loved one.

Vinyl Record

If the deceased loved music, you can have their ashes compressed into a vinyl record. The recording can include their voice or favorite music. You can also record a personal message or your own music composition. This option may require you to have a record player. Also, it’s not recommended to use copyrighted music.

Stuffed Toy Keepsake

Families that have lost a child can store part of the ashes inside a toy or bear. A keepsake bear has an opening at the back where you can slip in a small container with the ashes. Holding and hugging the teddy bear can comfort you and make you feel closer to your loved one.

Final Thoughts on Cremation Ashes Ideas

After cremation, family members have many options for what to do with the ashes. The opportunities are endless, from burying the ashes under the sea to launching them into the sky. Some options, like creating vinyl records, may require you to make arrangements with companies providing those services.

If you have questions about cremation, feel free to consult Florida Family Cremations. We provide affordable cremation services in Clearwater and its neighborhoods. Our packages include simple/direct cremation and veterans’ services, with the option of prepaying for cremation.

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Who has the rights to ashes after cremation?

Who Has the Right to Keep the Ashes After Cremation?

Not everyone can collect ashes from the crematorium. Funeral homes want to ensure they give cremated remains to the right person to avoid future conflicts. So, who has rights to the ashes after cremation? This is a key consideration since it can help resolve disputes where different family members want to keep the ashes.

Also, the person who receives the ashes can decide what to do with them. And sometimes their decision may be contrary to what others want. That’s why it’s essential to set matters straight in this regard. Here’s what you should know.

Who Receives the Ashes After Cremation?

It might be argued that the person with the right of ownership of the body should take possession of the ashes. However, no one can claim ownership of human bodies. That said, common law provides a duty to arrange the body’s disposition. This duty is bestowed on the following people in order of priority:

The Person Named in the Will

If the deceased had a will, they may have named the person who should keep their ashes. If not, the executor who implements the estate plan should keep the cremains. Since they’re in charge of all the deceased’s affairs, they can plan for cremation and receive the ashes.

The court usually respects the will of a person. That means, the decisions of the executor have legal power. Fortunately, most executors are trusted family members who make decisions in the family’s best interest.

The Next of Kin

In most cases, the next of kin can receive the deceased person’s ashes. If a married person dies, the spouse has the right to claim the ashes. If there’s no spouse, adult children can claim the ashes. And if the children are too young, the deceased’s parents have the right. In this case, the lines of inheritance are applied.

Sometimes family disputes may arise where two people with equal rights claim the cremated remains. For instance, if a divorced couple loses a child, they may disagree on who gets to keep the ashes or where to scatter them. It’s essential to remember that no one has ownership over the ashes, just possession. The court may help resolve such a dispute if the two can’t agree.

The Person Who Delivered the Body

The person who delivered the body to the crematorium has the right to receive the ashes but not necessarily to keep them. Also, the person who pays for the cremation and signs the cremation authorization can receive the ashes. That’s because the funeral home recognizes them as parties to the contract.

If the right person fails to collect the ashes, it’s assumed they’ve waived their right. That may give another person the right to receive the ashes. According to Florida law, a funeral home can dispose of the cremated remains if no one has collected them for 120 days following cremation.

The Bottom Line

The person who has rights to the ashes after cremation is the one mentioned in the will. And in the absence of a will, the executor, usually a trusted family member, gets to keep the ashes. Otherwise, the highest-ranking next of kin has those rights.

Even though most people put off talking about death, it’s wise to plan your final journey while you’re still alive to prevent future conflicts. Having a cremation plan allows you to decide who gets your ashes and what they can do with them. You can also make things easier for them by pre-paying for cremation.

Florida Family Cremation allows you to pre-plan and pre-pay for cremation. We provide affordable cremation services in Clearwater, including veterans’ services and direct or simple cremation. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Cremation Jewelry Rings: What You Need to Know

5 Things You Should Know About Cremation Jewelry Rings

It’s hard to accept that a loved one has passed. The feelings of missing the deceased can linger for many years after they’re gone. One coping strategy after losing a close person is to talk about them and have something to memorialize them. Instead of keeping the ash in an urn, some families choose cremation jewelry rings to remember their loved ones.

Cremation jewelry rings allow you to carry your loved one’s cremated remains wherever you go. Their compact size makes them convenient for people who prefer to keep things simple. If you want to engrave your loved one’s cremated remainson jewelry, you may have some questions.

For instance, what does the process involve, and which jewelry options are available? We’ll consider five things you need to know about cremation jewelry rings:

1. Not All Cremation Jewelry Contain Ashes

While most cremation jewelry’ holds small amounts of ashes, others don’t. Since the objective is to keep your deceased loved one close, you can use anything that reminds you of them. Besides ashes, you can use their hair, dried flowers from their funeral or memorial service, or a small piece of cloth belonging to them.

Alternatively, you can have their fingerprint etched in the cremation ring. The point is to use something belonging to them or what they treasure most. These items will achieve the same purpose of keeping your loved one’s memories alive.

2. Cremation Jewelry Can Be Made From All Sorts of Materials

Cremation jewelry can be made from different materials, such as wood, glass, and metal. Each material involves a different process, and the process can determine the cost of the jewelry. Wood and glass jewelry may be cheaper. But you can also choose sterling silver or gold cremation rings, depending on your budget.

Gold rings are the most expensive and are available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Other common materials for making cremation jewelry rings include brass, porcelain, ceramic, titanium, stainless steel, copper, and other metal alloys.

3. Cremation Jewelries Come In Different Styles

Like other decorative ornaments, you can have any type of cremation jewelry. Necklacesare ideal if you want a compartment to hold a small amount of ashes. Finger rings may be too small to have a compartment. But you can have the ashes infused into the material that makes up the ring.

Alternatively, the ashes can be made into diamonds through a process that involves intense heating. Once the diamond is ready, it is placed on an ordinary ring to make cremation jewelry. If you wear jewelry like brooches and charms, you can still use them as keepsakes. Also, you can choose different styles to fit men and women.

4. You Can Personalize a Cremation Jewelry

Personalized cremation jewelry is made according to your specific instructions. In addition to choosing the color and the material, you can ask the jewelry maker to inscribe the name, date of birth, or date of death of the deceased. Depending on the available space, you can have them inscribe a short personal message on the jewelry.

Another way to personalize it is by adding a photo of your loved one. It can be a printed photo or a laser-etched image.

5. Cremation Jewelry Rings Require Maintenance

A cremation ring is something you want to keep for your entire life. The jewelry’s durability partly depends on the material and how you take care of it. If you know the ring might get scratched while working, it’s better to remove it.

Sometimes, the ring may accidentally get dirty. When that happens, use a jewelry cleaning cloth to remove build-up soil from stainless steel, sterling silver, and other materials. Also, follow the instructions given by the jewelry maker to clean and maintain the cremation jewelry.

Final Thoughts on Cremation Rings for Ashes

The purpose of cremation jewelry rings is to create a lasting memory of your deceased loved one. They also help divide ashes among families, allowing each member to keep a piece of their relative. Unlike urns, cremation jewelry is easy to carry around wherever you go. Anyone can choose to remember their loved one using this method because there’s jewelry for every budget.

Is there something else you’d like to know about cremation? Florida Family Cremations is here to answer your questions and address your concerns. We provide affordable cremation services in Clearwater, including veterans’ services and simple or direct cremation.

We also allow pre-paying for cremations and offer customizable services. Contact us today for more information.

Can You Prepay for a Cremation Service?

Can You Prepay for Cremation Services?

Everyone wants a respectful sendoff at the end of their life, but that comes at a price. Some people use crowdfunding to raise money for cremation services. Others rely heavily on their family members to contribute the money, creating a financial burden for them. Is there an easier way to do this? Can you prepay for cremation services?

Yes, you can prepay for cremation services, and it’s certainly a good idea to do so. If you think about it, it’s not different from any other prepaid expense. The most important thing is the benefit it brings to the family left behind. We’ll look at those benefits, but first, let’s consider how prepaid cremation works.

How to Prepay for Cremation Services

Once you’ve decided to go for cremation instead of the traditional funeral service, the next step is to plan. Planning involves deciding how you want the cremation process handled. For instance, you can decide whether to have a funeral service. If you do, you can even give details of what should happen during the service.

Once you have the plan, you can proceed to pay in advance. That involves making arrangements with a local funeral home. Most funeral homes have several cremation options. Direct cremation is usually the cheapest because it doesn’t include body viewing or a funeral service.

But you can have a memorial service after cremation at a place and time convenient to you.

That said, be sure to compare the prices of different packages and choose the one you want. After that, decide on your payment method. You can pay the full cost at once or pay in installments. Either way, it will ease your loved one’s burden when the time comes.

So, what are the benefits of preplanning and prepaying for cremation? Let’s discuss.

Why You Should Prepay for Cremation

No one likes thinking about their death, let alone planning for it. But planning your end-of-life services can bring immense relief to your family members. They won’t have to worry about the financial burden.

Even though cremation is cheaper because you may not need a casket and a cemetery plot, the cost often increases due to inflation. And as more people prefer cremation over traditional burial, prices could increase due to the growth in demand.

However, prepaid cremation services are cheaper because they allow you to lock in current prices. Moreover, the amount you use to prepay for cremation is exempt from other assets when determining your Medicaid eligibility. That makes you more likely to be eligible for Medicaid.

Besides helping with funeral expenses, prepaying for cremation gives your family peace of mind. Instead of worrying about finances, they have enough time to celebrate your life and fulfill your final wishes.

Save Money by Prepaying for Cremation

Funerals are quite expensive and can create huge financial burdens for families. Instead of relying on well-wishers for assistance, consider prepaying for cremation.

You only need to approach a cremation provider with your plan, check out their packages, compare prices, and choose the package that fits you. Once you agree on the plan, you can pay in lump sums or installments. And don’t forget to inform your family about your prepaid funeral plan.

If you’d like to prepay for cremation services, Florida Family Cremations is here to help you. We provide affordable cremation services in Clearwater, ranging from simple cremation to veterans’ services. Our prepaid cremation services are not just affordable; they’re also customizable to meet your unique needs.

Don’t leave your end-of-life arrangements to chance. Take action today and contact us to learn more about our prepaid cremation costs and services. Our compassionate and experienced staff is here to guide you every step of the way and help you make the best decisions for you and your family.

How Much Does a Cremation Cost Without Services?

How Much Does Cremation Cost Without Funeral Services?

Most people choose cremation because it’s cheaper than traditional funerals. However, cremation can also be expensive, depending on the services you choose. Therefore,to save money, you may go for cremation without services. So how much does cremation cost without services?

The cost varies depending on the provider. But here’s how much you can expect to pay:

Cremation Cost Without Services

The cost of a funeral service can make cremation seem expensive. You need to pay for the venue, casket, embalming, grooming the body, and other miscellaneous expenses like flowers. So if you’re on a tight budget, it makes more sense to choose cheaper cremation options.

Direct cremation is the cheapest option since it doesn’t include a funeral service. It allows you to avoid paying for the casket, embalming, dressing the body for viewing, and the cost of hosting a funeral. By choosing cremation without services, you can save about two-thirds of the cost of cremation with services.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the median cost of embalming a body in 2021 was $775. The cost of other body preparations was $275, and that of viewing the body at the funeral home was $450. That’s a total of $1,500 before including the casket.

The median cost of a metal casket is $2,500. But since you’re not burying the body, you can rent the casket instead of buying it. The average price of renting a casket is about $1,000. Therefore, the total cost of body preparation, viewing, and casket is $2,500.

Remember, we’ve worked with median and average prices. So the prices may be higher or lower. Moreover, the cost doesn’t include the hosting fee if you hold the funeral service at the funeral home. Neither does it include miscellaneous expenses such as flowers, memorial cards, or transport. And all these represent the amount you can save if you avoid having a funeral service.

Average cremation costs in Florida are approximately $7,070, while those for direct cremation are about $1,683. But since funeral home prices vary, simple cremation prices can go below $1,000 and slightly above $5,000.

Why Choose Direct Cremation?

Besides the price, what other reasons can motivate you to choose direct cremation? Some people prefer direct cremation, not because it’s the cheapest but because they want to keep things simple. Once the cremated remains are returned to the family, they can decide whether or not to hold a memorial service. If they want a memorial service, they can have it at their own convenient time and place.

Overall, memorial services are cheaper, even when held at funeral homes. That’s because you have the ashes instead of the body, so you don’t need a casket or body preparation.

Contact Florida Family Cremations for Direct Cremations Services

Cremation is cheaper than traditional burial, but the cost can also be high if you include funeral services. Cremation without services can cost you about a third of what you’d pay for funeral services. These prices differ from city to city and depend on the funeral home. Low-cost cremation costs approximately $1,000 or less, but the average cost in Florida is about $1,683. Besides saving money, direct cremation allows you to hold a memorial service when and where you want.

If you need affordable cremation services in Clearwater, don’t hesitate to contact Florida Family Cremations. We offer simple cremation and veterans’ services, and we can also accommodate people with different needs, including those who want to prepay for cremation.

Contact us to learn about our prices and how we can help you.

How to Talk About Cremation Services with Loved Ones

How to Let Your Family Know You’re Choosing Cremation

In recent years, more people have chosen cremation over traditional burial. It’s environmentally friendly and gives families many options on what to do with cremains. Families working on a budget can also save money by choosing a simple cremation. However, choosing cremation is still a personal decision, which your loved ones may not know unless you tell them.

Talking about death with your loved ones can be difficult. That’s why we’ve prepared a few tips to help you approach the topic with care and consideration for your loved one’s feelings. Here are some ideas you can use when talking to your family about cremation.

How to Tell Your Family You’ve Chosen Cremation

When discussing cremation with your family, it’s essential to be honest and open about it. Let them know your final wishes without leaving room for doubts and guesses. Doing so can help eliminate misunderstandings and conflicts in the future.

Here’s how to let your loved ones know that you’ve chosen cremation:

1. Choose the Right Time

One way to show concern for your loved ones is by choosing the right time to discuss sensitive matters. After making up your mind that you want cremation, don’t wait too long to communicate your decision. Do it when you’re still healthy.

Select one evening when everybody is present. In case you have small kids, communicate with adults only, such as your spouse, adult children, parents, and any other concerned person.

Ensure your loved ones are in the right frame of mind and have the time to listen and process what you tell them. Consider discussing your wishes during a quiet moment when you’re alone rather than in a busy or stressful environment.

2. Be Sensitive to Their Feelings

Some of your family members may have different beliefs, opinions, worries, and concerns. Try to address those worries and concerns and answer any questions they might have. If they’re new to cremation, talk to them about the cremation process so they’ll know what to expect when the time comes.

When you explain your reasons for choosing cremation, they might feel comfortable about your choice. But it’s possible that some will have reservations about your choice. In that case, be respectful and sensitive to their beliefs and opinions.

Also, it might be necessary to discuss cremation several times in the future. Doing so can help emphasize your decision and put your loved ones at ease.

3. Share Your Plans

If you’ve made specific plans for your cremation, such as choosing a funeral home and having a memorial service, inform your loved ones. You may also want to discuss specific wishes, such as scattering your ashes in a specific location or keeping them in an urn.

Sharing your plans with them ensures your wishes are honored and you’re remembered in the way you wanted. It also helps ease your family’s burden and makes the process easier for them.

4. Provide Written Instructions

Writing down your final disposition wishes helps ensure there’s no confusion or misunderstanding about your wishes after you’re gone. It leaves no room for interpretation, and everyone involved will know exactly what you want. You may want to work with an attorney or estate planner to ensure your written instructions are legally binding.

Discussing Your Final Wishes with Your Family Shows You Care About Them

No doubt, talking about your final wishes with your family isn’t easy. But it’s essential to prevent misunderstandings in the future. It allows them to express their concerns and feelings and come to terms with your choice.

After telling your family you’ve chosen cremation, you may want to take the next step and make arrangements with a funeral home. This arrangement involves choosing a cremation package and making prepayments.

If you’d like to make such an arrangement, talk to Florida Family Cremations. We provide affordable cremation services in Clearwater, including direct cremation and veterans’ services. Contact us for more information about our services.

Do They Give You All the Ashes After Cremation?

Do You Get All the Ashes After Cremation?

Cremation has become an increasingly popular way of laying loved ones to rest. Most people prefer this option because it’s cheaper and highly flexible. But after the cremation process, families receive a few pounds of the ashes, leaving some wondering, is this all there is? Do they give you all the ashes after cremation?

Understanding how cremation works can help answer that question. Which factors determine the weight of cremated remains?

Here’s what you need to know:

Do They Give You All the Ashes After Cremation?

The simple answer is yes. The work of a crematorium is to reduce the human body into ashes by passing it through intense heat. Cremains belong to the family, so the crematorium can’t keep the ashes, and they have no reason to do so. If a cremation provider retained some of the ashes, such a deed would be unlawful.

But it’s understandable why some people get concerned about the volume of ashes they receive.

But that’s not always the case. All flesh evaporates under the intense heat of the crematorium chamber. Therefore, if a short person weighs more due to more body fat, that doesn’t mean you’ll get more ashes. Arguably, taller people can have more ashes because they have larger bones.

So, how much should cremains weigh?

How Much Should Cremated Remains Weigh?

On average, cremated remains should weigh about 3.5% of the person’s original weight. The actual weight of ashes can range between 2 to 10 pounds (0.9 to 4.5 kg), depending on whether one is a child or an adult.

Let’s say an average-sized adult weighs 150 pounds. After the cremation process, the weight of the cremated remains will be around 3–7 pounds, representing 2-5% of the original body weight. If the person weighed 250 pounds, the weight of the ashes would still be around 3–7 pounds. That’s because the amount of ash produced is not directly proportional to the body weight.

Understanding the amount of ash you expect can help you choose the right size of an urn. A standard urn has a volume of 200 cubic inches. That can fit the cremains of an average person. But if the ashes are more than that, the crematorium can select a larger urn or use two of them. Whatever the case, they’ll ensure you get all the ashes.

If you get more ashes, you can divide them according to the number of families who want to keep them. And if you get a smaller quantity, you can make ornaments or put some in jewelry.

Which Factors Determine the Volume of Ashes?

The average weight of cremated remains varies depending on the following factors:

Even though some of the ashes may get lost in the cremation chamber and post-processing activities, that is negligible and often unavoidable.

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Cremation providers have no reason to keep ashes after cremation unless the family members fail to pick them up. Many factors can determine the volume of ashes you get. These include the body’s weight, type of cremation, temperature, and duration of the cremation process. Whether you get less or more ashes than you expected, you can be sure that the crematorium doesn’t keep any portion of the ashes.

If you have more questions about the cremation process, don’t hesitate to ask Florida Family Cremations. We’re a reputable funeral home providing affordable cremation services in Clearwater. Our packages include direct or simple cremation and veterans’ services.

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