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What Does “Direct Cremation” Mean?

As cremation costs continue to rise, some families are looking for ways to cut costs. Direct cremation is the best way to reduce expenses when your loved one dies. But what is direct cremation?

Simply put, direct cremation doesn’t involve a funeral service or body viewing. It’s also called “simple cremation” because it doesn’t involve much. The crematorium picks up the body, then waits for the death certificate and the next of kin to sign the cremation authorization form. As soon as they get these documents, they proceed with the cremation and give the ashes back to the family.

The body doesn’t wait long at the cremation service. As such, there’s no need for embalming. Moreover, there’s no need to dress up the body because there’s no viewing. The only viewing necessary is to help identify the body immediately after death. Basically, the cremation process involves the following:
  • Transporting the body from the hospital or death scene to the crematorium
  • Helping the family get the death certificate
  • Providing a cardboard box for taking the body to the cremation chamber
  • Providing a temporary urn for storage of the cremated remains

Direct cremation doesn’t involve a funeral service. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the memorial service after the cremation. You can have it later, but without involving the funeral home.

Some families choose to have a traditional cremation, which involves holding a funeral service before cremation.

Here’s what you don’t get with this form of cremation:

  • A memorial service
  • Embalmment and body preparation
  • Casket
  • Cemetery plot and gravestone unless you want to bury cremated remains.
Direct cremation has three benefits: affordability, simplicity, and flexibility.

When you choose cremation, you spend less than at a traditional funeral. That’s because you don’t need a cemetery plot or an expensive casket. With direct cremation, the cost is reduced even further by removing the funeral services. You won’t pay the clergy’s and funeral director’s fees without a funeral service. In short, you can save 20%-50% of your total expenses.

Simple cremation can also help save on transportation costs. Transporting your dead loved one from one state to another can be expensive. But if you go for direct cremation, you only need to transport the ashes in an urn, which reduces the cost significantly.

People who choose cremation services come from different backgrounds and beliefs. So not all of us want the same thing. Some people want to have a funeral service that aligns with their religious beliefs. Others don’t see the point of having expensive ceremonies. Whatever the reason, simple cremation can satisfy all those needs. Furthermore, it saves much of the time that would go into planning a funeral service.

Simple cremation gives you many options. Once you have the cremated remains, you can hold several memorial services at the time and location of your choice. But if you do it at the funeral home, you might be tied down to a specific time or day, depending on how many people have booked the venue.

In short, what is direct cremation? It doesn’t mean that the body is collected and cremated immediately. Instead, it means cremation will take place as soon as the paperwork is done. Since there’s no funeral service, the cremation time is shorter. Anyone can arrange a direct cremation, especially if you want affordability, simplicity, and flexibility. All you have to do is approach the crematorium yourself.

Florida Family Cremation can help you make such arrangements. We provide you with different end-of-life options depending on your preferences. In addition to direct cremation, we also have veterans’ services. Call us if you want affordable cremation services in Clearwater.