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Cremation Pre-Planning

Cremation planning following a loved one’s death is an uncomfortable and complicated situation. The amount of grief involved throughout such an event can be overwhelming and many people have trouble trying to understand what the next steps should be.

Florida Family Cremations offers cremation pre-planning services, so you and your family do not have to worry about planning cremation services after a loved one has passed. Pre-planning can help you prepare ahead of time so that you may avoid the burden of planning while grieving a loved one’s passing.

Alleviating the Reality of Rising Funeral Costs

In recent years, funeral costs have skyrocketed across the nation. Often, these costs become a burden for surviving family members and friends who want to honor their loved ones with a final memorialization. The cremation pre-planning offered by Florida Family Cremations is an affordable alternative to show respect and compassion for your loved one.

Locking in Today’s Prices with Prepayment

Florida Family Cremations realizes that money is tight for many families and that when funeral costs unexpectedly rise, this can create a financial constraint for surviving loved ones. Our dedicated staff will set up cremation pre-planning and pre-payment so that you can lock in today’s prices regardless of price fluctuations in the future.

Easing Stress of Scrambling After a Death

When a loved one passes away, family members and friends often find themselves scrambling to make funeral arrangements and reach out to surviving loved ones. Since this can already be a confusing and chaotic time for everyone, Florida Family Cremations will help you set up cremation pre-planning and stand by your side throughout the process.

Preventing Hasty and Emotional Decisions

The time following a loved one’s death can easily cause family members and friends to make hasty, emotional decisions. These decisions can be costly and time-consuming, which you can avoid through cremation pre-planning.

Allowing Your Final Wishes to Be Known

Cremation pre-planning is a valuable tool for anyone. Florida Family Cremations will assist you with making the arrangements yourself so that family and friends aren’t left with the task. This will permit you to decide how you would like your ceremony to be.

International (World-Wide) Travel Protection Plan Available

There are times when a family member passes away unexpectedly when he or she is far away from home. Cremation pre-planning services allow protection from such an event, where all return arrangements would be handled by Florida Family Cremations’ experienced facilitators.

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