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Cremation Ash Ideas: What to Do After You Receive a Loved One’s Ashes


10 Best Cremation Ashes Ideas

After cremation, the next step involves deciding what to do with the ashes. If the deceased had not expressed their wishes, there are a world of possibilities for what you can do with the ashes. While most families keep the remains in an urn, you can explore other options and see what’s best for you. Let’s consider 10 of the most common ideas for cremation ashes:

Scattering the Ashes

You can opt to scatter your loved one’s ashes after cremation in the ocean, river, lake, mountain, or garden. Alternatively, you can spread them at your loved one’s favorite vacation spot or a place where they always wanted to visit but never got the chance. Some even go to the extent of scattering the remains in space. In this case, the sky is truly the limit!

Burying the Ashes

You can bury your loved one’s cremated remains in your home garden or a public cemetery. If you bury the remains, use biodegradable urns because they are environmentally friendly. In addition, consider planting a tree with the ashes to create a living tribute to your loved one.

Columbarium Niche

Instead of burying the ashes in the ground, you can keep them in a columbarium niche. It can be a room or a shelf in a cemetery, church, or other place where the public is allowed to keep the ashes of their loved ones. This option gives friends and family of the deceased the freedom to visit the site at any time to honor their loved ones.

Coral Reefs

You can bury your loved one in the ocean as a coral reef, especially if they loved marine life. The process involves mixing your loved one’s remains with cement to build a reef-shaped structure. Then this structure is dipped in the coral reef to provide shelter for small sea creatures.

Pieces of Art

If you want a permanent tribute to make with cremation ashes, turn the remains into art. You can use the ashes to make a sculpture, glass art, or jewelry. An artist can do that for you, or you can use a 3D printer to produce unique art by combining some of the ashes with the printing material. The best part is that you can have your loved one’s name inscribed on that piece of art or include a short, heartfelt message.

Keepsake Urn

These are small cremation urns that hold a small amount of ashes. They help divide ashes among family and friends so that each member can remember the deceased in their own way. Due to their small sizes, keepsake urns are easy to carry wherever you go. And no one has to know what you’re carrying because it can be disguised as jewelry, a necklace locket, or a key holder.

Unique Memorial Tattoo

One of the trending cremation ashes ideas is drawing tattoos in memory of a deceased loved one. The process works akin to ordinary tattoos, except that the tattoo artist mixes a small amount of ashes with tattoo ink. Such tattoos usually include a message about the deceased loved one.

Vinyl Record

If the deceased loved music, you can have their ashes compressed into a vinyl record. The recording can include their voice or favorite music. You can also record a personal message or your own music composition. This option may require you to have a record player. Also, it’s not recommended to use copyrighted music.

Stuffed Toy Keepsake

Families that have lost a child can store part of the ashes inside a toy or bear. A keepsake bear has an opening at the back where you can slip in a small container with the ashes. Holding and hugging the teddy bear can comfort you and make you feel closer to your loved one.

Final Thoughts on Cremation Ashes Ideas

After cremation, family members have many options for what to do with the ashes. The opportunities are endless, from burying the ashes under the sea to launching them into the sky. Some options, like creating vinyl records, may require you to make arrangements with companies providing those services.

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