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Where to Put Cremation Ashes After Cremation

Once you’ve cremated a loved one, a member from Florida Family cremations will give you a call to come and pick your loved one’s cremation ashes. Unless you make specific requests, we typically hand over your loved one’s ashes in a plastic bag inside a cardboard box.

Knowing what to do after receiving these cremated remains can be overwhelming. That is why we at Florida Family Cremations are here to answer your question on where to put ashes after cremation in a way that honors your loved one.

What to Do with Ashes After Cremation

Are you wondering where to put ashes after cremation is complete? Here’s a list of options.

1. Store the ashes

Most families often prefer to store their loved one’s remains in cremation urns. If you choose to do this, then a good idea would be to store the urn at home on a shelf for display. Florida Family Cremations offers a wide range of beautiful urns that come in various designs and materials. Alternatively, you could decide to store the cremation ashes in the following ways:

  • Storing the ashes in a columbarium to ensure there’s a permanent location of remembrance for your loved one
  • Entombing the ashes in a crypt inside a mausoleum
  • You could bury the ashes in a family member’s burial plot

2. Scatter the ashes

Another favorable post-cremation option is to scatter your loved one’s ashes. However, there are some things you must factor in before holding the scattering ceremony, such as location and regulations. For instance, in the U.S., most national parks allow citizens to scatter ashes. However, since every state has different laws, it would be wise to speak to a chief park ranger for clear guidelines.

If you wish to scatter the ashes at sea, we recommend looking up your state’s regulations. The law governing U.S. territorial waters permits the scattering of ashes at least three nautical miles away from land. In this case, remember to put the ashes in a biodegradable urn as it is safe for the environment.

3. Build a reef using the created ashes

One way to memorialize a loved one who was passionate about protecting oceans and marine life is to turn their ashes into a reef that will serve as a habitat for ocean creatures.

4. Bury the ashes in a “living urn”

If placing the ashes at home is not an ideal option for you, then you should consider putting these remains in a living urn where your loved one’s remains get mixed with nutrients and then planted in a location of your choosing.

5. Convert them into a tattoo

Are you still unsure of where to put cremation ashes after cremation? One unconventional option is to use them to create a memorial tattoo. If you wish to do this, your tattoo artist will mix a small amount of ash with the tattoo ink.

6. Turn them into bullets or fireworks

Another non-traditional thing to do with cremated ashes is to turn them into ammunition and store them. Alternatively, you could use these bullets in a fanfare or hunting trip. You could also decide to transform your loved one’s ashes into fireworks.

7. Solidify your loved one’s ashes

Solidified remains are a more recent method of storing cremated remains. The process involves turning your loved one’s ashes into stone. The number of stones varies; for instance, a person weighing 100lb would result in close to 25 stones.

8. Send cremated ashes into space

While going to space is something many people wish to do, only a few people fulfill this dream. Fortunately, you can actualize a loved one’s wishes by sending their ashes to space to explore the universe in their afterlife.


Cremation offers various send-off options after the process is complete, such as storing the ashes at home and having the remains tattooed on your skin. Working with a trusted cremation provider can help reduce the burden of planning the cremation process and knowing what to do with the cremated ashes.

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