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Where to Put Ashes from a Cremation Service

Losing someone in life is devastating. Due to the difficulties surrounding grief, many families prefer to cremate the remains and hold a memorial service later on. Besides being a relatively inexpensive option compared to traditional burial, cremation also allows the bereaved to memorialize their loved one.

Memorializing a loved one isn’t always supposed to be an extravagant gesture, but it is vital to follow Florida Cremation Laws. With the help of cremation service provider, even the simplest way you choose to keep your loved one’s ashes will hold a sentimental meaning that supports you in the healing process. Professional cremation service providers in Clearwater understand the process and can help you navigate all the legal paperwork.

Planning Ahead

For a flawless cremation process, it is always wise to plan ahead of time. Many cremation services providers offer cremation pre planning services, and a person’ can take advantage of this while still alive. This allows you to customize your cremation package and pay for everything so that your family does not bear the financial burden. Whether you prefer immediate need cremation or grief support, your chosen funeral home will provide these services after you are gone.

After a successful cremation, a family has 120 days to claim cremation ashes. These ashes are essential if the family plans to hold a memorial after cremation. But do you know where to put ashes from cremation? After cremation, how to handle the ashes is, indeed, up to you and other close relations involved in the decision.

Even so, it’s a daunting task that often requires a lot of consideration, sentiment, and reflection. Bear in mind the importance of discussing with loved one’s your wishes before saying your final goodbyes.

Below are creative ways of what to do with ashes after cremation.

Display Ashes at Home

After cremation, the cremation home will preserve your loved one’s ashes for 120 days. Once you claim the ashes, you can store them in whatever container you want. If you plan to display the ashes at home, buy a high-quality urn that matches your house style. Displaying ashes at home shows that you care, and you want to keep your loved ones close.

Scatter the Ashes

If you don’t want to maintain the tradition of displaying ashes, you can choose to scatter the ashes. However, do not scatter the ashes anywhere. It has to be meaningful. If the deceased didn’t leave any instructions, look for a meaningful location to scatter the ashes. For instance, if the deceased loved fishing, you can scatter the ashes where they used to fish – could be a river or lake.

Make Cremation Jewelry

If you are wondering where to put ashes from cremation, you can make cremation jewelry. All you need is a pinch of the ashes and put them in a ring or necklace. Cremation jewelries are gaining popularity, and is an ideal way to keep your loved ones close.

Bury the Ashes

Burying is a traditional way of disposing of ashes. The family can bury the ashes in a cemetery more so if they wish to keep the deceased close to another relative, for instance, children, wife, or husband. Once you bury the ashes, you can have a headstone made to mark where the cremation ashes are buried. Marking the area makes identification easy when friends and family want to visit.

Plant a Memorial Tree

If your loved one loved taking care of the environment, stop wondering where to put ashes from cremation and plant a memorial tree. This can be in their favorite park or beauty spot that they loved. It can also be in your backyard. Be sure to take care of the tree until it matures.

Professional Cremation Services from Florida Family Cremations

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