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9 Things to Consider When Choosing Cremation

After the death of a loved one, most family members have to choose between cremation and a traditional funeral. In 2015, cremation became the most preferred choice by most Americans. Moreover, The National Funeral Directors Association estimates that in 20 years, 80% of the population will prefer cremation. That said, what should you consider when deciding on the best process after death?

Here’s what to know about cremation.

1. Cost of the Process

Cremation is an alternative to a traditional funeral. So, if you have to choose between the two, you must consider the cost. Generally, cremation is cheaper than a traditional burial.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the median cremation costs in 2021 were $878 lower than burial. That means, it’s much easier to control your expenses with cremation than with a ground burial. Plus, you don’t need to buy an expensive casket or a burial plot.

2. Family Views

A funeral is a family affair. So, when choosing cremation, it’s essential to involve your family members. If your family has a custom of choosing cremation over burial, you can decide to follow that custom. Even so, it’s critical to inform your family members on how they should care for you after your passing.

3. Your Religion

If you’re a religious person, you’d probably want to do what your religion approves. Fortunately, most religions don’t forbid cremation. In 1963, the Catholic Church lifted the ban against cremation. Other Christian denominations consider it a matter of personal decision.

4. The Need for Preplanning

The best time to plan for cremation is when you’re still alive. Making funeral arrangements in advance helps minimize inconveniences at the last minute. It allows you to make your farewell wishes. It also helps save for cremation costs and prepare your family psychologically.

5. Cremation Authorization

The cremation process destroys the body’s DNA. So, it’s not possible to conduct any medical examination afterwards.

For this reason, some form of authorization may be necessary before proceeding with cremation. However, authorization is usually relevant if there’s a legal investigation or dispute among siblings. In such cases, you may have to wait at least 24 to 48 hours before proceeding with the process.

6. The Actual Cremation Process

One of the benefits of choosing cremation is flexibility. You can make several requests to the funeral home on how you want the service to go. For instance, veterans’ services may require some ceremonies to show respect to the deceased.

7. Services Included

Funeral homes can provide additional services before and after cremation. It all depends on the cremation offers you choose.

The basic offer includes simple cremation without a funeral service. In this case, the funeral home hands over the cremated remains for your family to hold a private ceremony.

8. Embalming

Direct cremation doesn’t require embalming. But embalming may be necessary if there’s a delay between death and cremation. For instance, embalming is relevant if you want a ceremony before cremation. It helps to preserve the body and improve its appearance.

As such, people can still view the body a few days after death. Keep in mind that embalming will also add to the total expenses.

9. What to Know about Cremation: What To Do With The Ashes

After the cremation process, you can guide your family on what to do with the cremains. Some people bury the ashes, while others spread it in the ocean. Still, others hold on to it until they’re ready to dispose of it, or make cremation jewelry. That’s what differentiates cremation from burial.

Even if you have a small compound, it’s still possible to bury the urn and ashes in the backyard.

Choosing cremation comes with many benefits over a traditional burial. A graveyard or cemetery can be expensive, especially in large cities.

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