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What Clothes to Wear for Cremation Services

Before seeking cremation services, you ought to know what clothes to wear for cremation when you or your loved one dies. A traditional funeral has no restrictions on burial clothing. Yet, the case is different for the cremation process, and knowing how you’ll dress your loved one matters. Keep reading to learn what clothes to wear for cremation.

Prior to cremation, the funeral director will ask you how you choose to dress your loved one. Ideally, it helps if the deceased had selected what clothes to wear for cremation before dying during cremation pre-planning. If they didn’t make their wishes clear, don’t fret. Here are some valuable tips to help you choose the appropriate cremation clothing.

Will You Be Cremated with Clothes On?

Yes, you will, and no, it’s not mandatory. Typically, family members will request the cremator dress the person before cremation unless their loved one had asked to undergo the process naked before dying.

Be mindful of their style

Traditionally, it was more acceptable to dress the deceased in formal clothing, especially if you planned on holding an open-casket funeral service before cremation. Things have changed, and more people have embraced casual wear. Therefore, don’t hesitate to include their favorite colors and pieces, such as a scarf or jersey.

It would help if you asked other family members if they knew the deceased favorite outfits. Alternatively, you could check their belongings to see if there’s anything that sticks out. You could also try and think of the clothes they wore during special events to gauge what they would have liked for their cremation ceremony.

Respect religious practices

If you are planning a cremation process for your friend, checking whether the chosen clothing is appropriate shows a sign of respect for their cultural beliefs and practices. For instance, in Hinduism, dressing the deceased in a new outfit shows respect for the cremation ritual and no cutbacks in the process.

This practice may differ depending on the person’s age. For instance, in Mauritius, an eighty-year-old man received the Arya Samaj death ritual, which involved dressing him in everyday clothes. The reason was that due to his age, he had already gone through the Sannyasa and Vanaprastha life stages that would have otherwise meant receiving new clothes.

Include their mementos

Upon request, some people are cremated with particular objects of sentimental value. These items could be their wedding photos and rings, and bibles. You should note that not all clothing and accessories are suitable for the cremation ceremony. We recommend speaking to the funeral director to find out what’s allowed.

Take note of cremation restrictions

Specific limitations exist to maintain the safety of the cremation chamber and also to protect the environment.

What Clothes to Wear for Cremation

Typically, your chosen crematory facility will provide natural fiber gowns appropriate for the cremation process. These gowns are excellent options for elderly loved ones or those who have experienced significant weight changes. Also, there’s no need for concern about your loved one looking dull. There’s a wide selection of colorful fabrics like satin from which to choose.

Prohibited materials

As mentioned earlier, there are specific materials not allowed in the cremation chamber when bodies are cremated. Two cremation processes exist, i.e., direct and traditional cremation. Both involve burning the corpse in temperatures above 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The key difference is that the latter entails a funeral service and visitation before cremation. While direct cremation, as the name suggests, means that there are no services offered in-between. For both, the cremator must remove metal objects before cremation. The reason is that things such as pacemakers could explode, and metal items could melt and end up ruining the retort.

Here’s a list of items you can’t include for cremation:

  • Spectacles
  • Buttons, zippers, or snaps
  • Leather
  • Plastic
  • Metal objects such as medals, belt buckles, and electronic devices
  • Rubber clothing
  • Glass

Dressing Your Loved One for Cremation

Sometimes family members might decide to dress their loved one before cremation. Otherwise, the crematory technician will do it. Usually, dressing the deceased involves the following:

  • Taking off the clothes your loved one was wearing when they passed away. The easiest way to do this is by cutting off these clothes
  • Cleansing the deceased using soap and water, then drying them
  • Rubbing aromatic or essential oil (optional)
  • Dressing the deceased. For pants, you’ll need to turn the body to the side while it’s lying horizontally. To dress the body in a top or dress, you’ll need to cut the sides. You’ll then place the clothing on your loved one while tucking in underneath to wrap it around the body.

Where to Get Cremation Services in Clearwater

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