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How Florida Family Cremations Ensures Your Loved One is Treated Well

For family members, the passing of a loved one means dealing with the final arrangements while still trying to process the loss of a close family member or friend. Assuming you and other members have settled on the cremation option, it helps to know that the cremation facility will treat your loved one with care and respect.

At Florida Family Cremations, we ensure all cremation services receive the required attention to detail.

All Our Cremation Services Are Handled by Trained Staff

The staff at Florida Family Cremations are licensed and fully trained to perform cremation services, including direct cremation. Our cremation direction strives to maintain the highest level of accountability. So you can trust that your loved one is under the care of a compassionate team whose reputation depends on the level of care we provide family members and their deceased loved ones.

We personalize our cremation services and encourage you to make an in-person visit to view our facility and meet our staff. Being a veteran-owned business, we offer significant perks to people seeking veterans’ services for their spouses, parents, or children. We guide you throughout the documentation process besides taking care of the death certificate and SSA requirements.

Our Identification Protocols Are Strict and Consistent

Many families have a common concern about cremation services: whether the cremated remains belong to their loved ones. When your loved ones die, the person in charge at the place of death verifies their identity. Only then can your loved one go into your chosen cremation facility. The estate trustee will fill out the cremation form, which contains a specific number identifying the coroner who verified the deceased.

Moreover, if you and other immediate family members want to see your loved one before the cremation process begins, we can make the necessary arrangements. Doing so allows you to say goodbye and verify that the deceased is your loved one.

Our identification procedures translate throughout the cremation process using technology combined with manual identification. The cremated remains log sheet belonging to your loved one will always contain critical information, including:

  • the deceased identification
  • the date when the deceased came into our care
  • complete information on how to handle the cremains

We also have a robust security system with video surveillance and unique access to the storage area. Our crematorium’s strict identification protocols and the fact that all cremation services occur on our premises ensure your loved one is treated well. Plus, you can rest assured they are always in a secure area.

Florida Family Cremations Offers Grief Support to Bereaved Families

Remember, you are not alone, and Florida Family Cremations will get you through this stressful time through our grief support resources.

  • Open to hope – This online forum allows grieving families to share their stories of loss and help others cope and find healing.

At Florida Family Cremations, Your Loved One Is In Safe Hands

If you are looking for affordable cremation services in Clearwater, Florida, and Pinellas County, Florida Family Cremations is ready to serve you. We offer simple cremation services and are open to any special requests, including a cremation viewing or a memorial service.

If you require veteran’s services, we can help you acquire headstones/the U.S. flag. For more information about our services, including cremation pre planning and immediate services, contact us at (727) 223-5911.