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The Best Spots to Place an Urn

The Best Spots to Place an Urn

Most family members prefer to keep cremated ashes for some time before deciding what to do with them. This raises the question, where do you put cremation urns in the meantime? Do you keep it at home or in the columbarium niche? If it’s in your home, where in particular?

Finding the best place for cremation urns in your home depends on several factors. First, you have to consider your preferences in interior design. Secondly, you have to choose an urn that matches where you’ll place it.

Let’s explore the five best places where you can put an urn.

1. Living Room

The Living room is ideal for most people because it’s a common area where family members meet. If you prefer to display the urn in the living room, go for an urn that blends in with the interior décor. Buy a beautiful urn and use it for decoration. That’s a good way of keeping your loved one’s memory alive.

2. Memorial Area

Let’s face it, as time passes, the number of cremation urns in any given home increases. If you find yourself with several cremation urns, you may want to create a memorial area for them. It can be an entire family room or a wall-mounted shelf within the room.

3. Your Loved One’s Favorite Spot

If you have no idea where to keep the urn at home, look for places where your loved one spent the most time. If they loved cooking, then the kitchen is the ideal place. The balcony and foyer are other places you can consider.

Supposing you’re interested in feng shui, you may want to place the urn facing in a specific direction. According to feng shui, the placement of the urn can help bring positive energy to the room.

4. OutDoors

Your home isn’t the only place you can keep an urn. You have other options like the columbarium niche or the garden.

A columbarium niche is a cemetery with a broad vertical wall where families keep cremation urns. It’s divided into small compartments for storing urns by various families. To differentiate yours from others, you can add a memorial plaque, plus include the name and a special message for the deceased family member.

Alternatively, you can place the urn in the garden. But remember, the urn material matters. It may not last long if it’s a temporary urn or wood urn. So, choose a weatherproof material like a ceramic urn, stone urn, or metal urn.

5. With You in the Form of Jewelry

Many people prefer to keep their loved one’s ashes in smaller chests they can carry everywhere. Jewelry provides a good option for such a plan. Most adornments are in the form of necklaces that have a compartment containing a small amount of cremated remains.

You can also get a mini-Keepsake urn that mirrors the standard size urn but is much smaller. It’s highly portable, allowing you to spend time with your loved one. Plus, it will enable large families divide the ashes among themselves.

Keep Cremation Urn in the Best Place

Determining where to place the urn in your home can be a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be complex. Having the urn at home is a more flexible option because you don’t have to follow the cemetery’s rules. Whichever location and style you choose should be the most meaningful. Furthermore, it should be safe, especially if the urn is fragile.

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