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What are Some Ways to Scatter Ashes After Cremation?

After the loss of a loved one who has been cremated, it can be hard to decide how to memorialize them and honor their wishes. Cremation ashes may be scattered, buried, or cast in a variety of ways. These ideas can help inspire a plan that captures your loved one’s spirit and helps your family find healing.

Scattering or Casting Ashes

Many people choose to scatter cremation ashes by casting them into the air in an outdoor location their loved one enjoyed. It’s important to keep in mind that cremains are much heavier than the ashes most people envision, like those left behind after a fire. Although some ashes will float through the air, some of them may fall to the ground. It’s always a good idea to check which way the wind is blowing as well.

Scattering Ashes Over Water

Another popular way to remember a loved one after direct cremation is to scatter ashes over a body of water such as the ocean, a lake, pond, or river. If you’d prefer to go out in a boat on a large body of water but don’t have access to one, you can rent one or hire a company to scatter the ashes on your behalf. Some people choose to disperse ashes using a water-soluble urn. The cremains are placed in the urn, which is dropped in the water. The urn dissolves, allowing the ashes to spread into the water.


You can also dig a small trench in the ground, place the ashes in the hole, and cover them with sand or soil. This can be done almost anywhere, from your backyard to the beach, where ashes can be swept out to sea by the tide. Putting the cremains in a biodegradable urn and then placing it in the trench is an option as well. You may want to mark the spot with a tree, plant, statue, or other special object.


Perfect for celebrating a person who loved gardening or getting their hands dirty, raking ashes involves scattering them in the soil and using a rake to incorporate them into the earth. You may want to do it in your garden or in a spot that’s meaningful to you or your loved one. If you want to rake ashes in a public place like a park, check and make sure it’s legal beforehand.

Scattering a Veteran’s Ashes

Cremation services for veterans celebrate not only their lives, but their service and sacrifice they made for our country. There are companies that take cremains and turn them into ammo for firearms or fireworks, which enables you to give your loved one a sendoff with a bang. It’s also a great way to celebrate the lives of police officers, gun enthusiasts, hunters, and firefighters.

Cremation Jewelry

If you’re not hot on scattering your loved one’s ashes or want to keep a portion of them close to you, incorporating them into hand-blown glass or jewelry is another beautiful, unique option that you can enjoy for years to come.

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