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5 Great Places to Scatter Ashes in Florida

Scattering cremated remains is a meaningful way for family and friends to memorialize a loved one. Most people choose to scatter ashes in places where the deceased loved to visit while they were still alive.

Suppose this is the case and you wish to arrange a scattering ceremony. In that situation, it’s essential to know how to do it safely and understand the regulations on scattering ashes in Florida.

In this post, we’ll discuss the five places to scatter a loved one’s ashes in the Sunshine State.

State Laws on Scattering Ashes in Florida

Florida laws do not regulate where you can store or scatter cremains. If you decide to keep the ashes after the cremation process, you can place them in an urn, a crypt, or a grave if you wish to do so. As for scattering cremated remains, there are many options available.

The only significant guidelines concerning disposal are those on unclaimed ashes. According to Florida Statutes § 497.607, the funeral home may dispose of the cremains if no one claims them after 120 days.

Remember, unless it’s on private property, it’s best to check with the local authorities about the location’s stipulations.

Scattering Ashes in Florida: Ideal Places to Inter Your Loved One’s Cremains

While cremation ashes pose no health risk, there are a few things to bear in mind before scattering ashes in Florida. First, ensure you check the weather and examine the wind direction, as you wouldn’t want the ashes blowing back to your face.

Secondly, ensure you use eco-friendly material. For example, scattering flowers during the ceremony is acceptable as these will decompose and therefore present no threat to the environment.

Thirdly, be mindful of others. Not everyone is comfortable with the practice of ash-scattering. Additionally, some religions specify to only do it on ‘sacred ground.’ Therefore, if you wish to do it in a public location, be discreet.

Finally, take account of the final resting place for your loved one. Remember, as time passes, family members and future generations may wish to visit the scattering site. If this is the case, scattering ashes at sea or by air may not be favorable.

We hope these tips prove to be helpful to you and your loved ones. Below, we’ll list the five great places to scatter ashes in Florida.

1. At sea

Florida’s long coastline and the numerous access points such as Clearwater, Key West, and Daytona Beach are the reasons why scattering ashes at sea is very popular. However, special requirements by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website for anyone who chooses a burial at sea exist.

  • Under the Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act (MPRSA) permit, you must inform the EPA about the ashes scattered within thirty days of the scattering ceremony.
  • Only use natural flowers to help conserve the marine environment.
  • Ashes scattered at sea regardless of depth should be three nautical miles or more away from land.

2. Federal land

Federal land is another excellent location for scattering ashes in Florida. However, you must seek permission from the relevant authorities. For instance, if it’s a national park, you must find out from the chief park ranger whether there are any special rules.

In addition, the National Park Service website provides special use permits for anyone wishing to scatter cremains. You will also need to fulfill the following conditions.

  • You must scatter ashes over a large area to prevent them from building up.
  • The cremation ashes must not have any objects like teeth that would make it evident that the ashes consist of human remains.
  • You must scatter ashes at least 100 feet away from high traffic, such as trails and parking lots.
  • You must not leave any markers on the scattering site.

3. By air

Like other scattering areas, no laws prohibit you from scattering ashes by air. However, federal aviation guidelines forbid dropping anything from a plane that could hurt people or damage property. Therefore, we recommend scattering the ashes from a light container. Alternatively, use an eco-bag rather than a metal urn to ensure safety.

4. Private land

Scattering ashes on private land lets you have a physical scattering site where you and your loved ones can visit and hold ceremonies without having to seek permission.

5. Scattering gardens

There are numerous designated gardens where families can spread their loved one’s ashes. Usually, you may find these scattering gardens in churches or local cemeteries. If unsure, talk to Florida Family Cremations to recommend those sites that are nearby.

Need Advice on Scattering Ashes in Florida?

Scattering ashes is one way to give your loved one a final send-off after a direct cremation. Fortunately, no state laws prohibit you from interring cremains on public or private land. However, depending on the scattering site, you must fulfill specific guidelines.

Florida Family Cremations understands the federal and local policies regarding scattering ashes, whether at sea or in national parks. We also provide affordable cremation services for citizens and veterans. Our team is here to help with cremation pre-planning, immediate need, veteran’s services, and scattering ceremonies. For more information and advice, call us at (727) 223-5911 today for a free consultation.