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How to Celebrate Your Passed Loved One’s Life During the Holidays

While holidays are the most awaited time of the year, this period can be gloomy if you’ve lost a loved one, and it’s the first holiday you will celebrate without them.

Remembering loved ones during holidays can bring healing to both family and friends. For this reason, we’ve shared a few ways to remember your loved ones during the holiday season.

Nine Ideas for Remembering Loved Ones During the Holiday Season

Here are nine ways for remembering loved ones during this festive season and future holidays and special days.

1. Light a candle

Candles symbolize illumination and are a comforting way of bringing light to loved ones who are grieving. Consider lighting a candle using your loved one’s favorite scent. Alternatively, you could opt for aromatherapy candles such as lavender or peppermint.

A memorial lantern is another great idea, especially for children who have lost a parent. This activity can help a child feel comfortable expressing their feelings. Furthermore, the memorial lantern will be a lifelong reminder of your lost loved one.

2. Make the holiday season a tribute to your deceased loved one

Holidays will never be the same without your loved one. At times one feels guilty knowing that their loved one will never experience such joyous moments. However, it’s important to remember that they would have wanted you to enjoy the holidays as you did before. Consider holding family gatherings where you participate in activities that they loved doing.

3. Build a memorial ornament

Creating a memorial ornament with your loved one’s items is another loving way to make them part of your holiday celebrations. You can then include it as part of the decorations, e.g., hang it on the Christmas tree. Plus, you could use this time to gift your family and close friends some of your loved one’s items that you believe would be meaningful.

4. Prepare their favorite meals

Is there a snack or dish your loved one would relish? It would be nice to include this food in your Thanksgiving or Christmas menu. You could combine this with a memory table, where loved ones share memorial notes and photographs. Also, you could request everyone at the dinner table to share memories about the lost loved one.

5. Visit a place your loved one loved going

If you lost a partner, visiting their favorite places can act as a lasting reminder of the fun memories you created while they were still alive. Consider making it a holiday tradition that your kids can be a part of as well. You could also gather extended family members and attend an event that the deceased loved, such as a football game or comic performance.

6. Donate to a charity in their name

The holidays are the perfect time for performing acts of giving. You can choose to donate to your loved one’s favorite charity or cause in their name.

7. Volunteer

Another meaningful way of remembering loved ones is to volunteer your time. For instance, if the person succumbed to an illness, you should consider volunteering in a hospice. This act will not only honor your loved one but also offer healing and acceptance. To remember, wait until you have processed a loved one’s death before choosing to volunteer, especially if it’s a sentimental place.

8. Share memorial gifts

Memorial gifts are another thoughtful way of sharing memories of your loved one with family and friends. Here are some items that would make meaningful memorial gifts during this festive season.

  • Consider having memorial quilts sown with your loved one’s clothing. Also, you could share a glass ornament with an engraving of the deceased name.
  • Did your loved one have a pet or favorite animal? If so, it would be an excellent idea to make keychains with this animal and gift to loved ones.
  • Sharing a handwritten collection of your loved one’s recipes is a great way to pass on the recipe to other generations and celebrate your loved one by including the dishes in holiday menus.
  • Memorial jewelry. Consider offering cremation jewelry to other family members.
  • Gifting your loved ones, a customized calendar dedicated to the deceased is another loving way to celebrate your lost loved one.

9. Look through videos and photos

Going through the deceased photos is a meaningful way to remember them during the holidays. Spend time framing their pictures up and laying out photo albums during the family gathering.

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Everyone processes the loss of a loved one differently. Some may choose to isolate themselves, while others may find comfort in publicly expressing their grief. You should know that including your deceased loved ones in your holiday traditions is a healthy way of dealing with grief.

Some days will be more challenging than others. However, doing so can strengthen your familial bond. Also, if you or a loved one is struggling, we recommend seeking grief support. We also offer affordable cremation, pre-planning, direct cremation, veterans services. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at (727) 223-5911.