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Gifts for Remembering a Loved One this Holiday Season

The holiday season is often a time for family reunions and the perfect opportunity to share life updates with loved ones. Unfortunately, not everyone is excited about this holiday season due to their loved one’s recent passing. Sending a sympathy gift is an appropriate way to express your condolences to the bereaved family. It is also an ideal way to honor the deceased. But, what are some other ideas for remembering a loved one this holiday season?

Here are some memorial gift ideas you could send this holiday season:

1. Remembrance Roses

Sending a remembrance rose is a thoughtful way of remembering a loved one. You could decide to plant one or buy potted roses to send as memorial gifts. These unique roses are particularly a kind commemoration of a loved one who enjoyed gardening.

2. Memorial Jewelry

Gifting your loved one jewelry is another sweet way of showing sympathy. You could send them a cremation locket with their loved one’s ashes. Please make sure you consult them beforehand as this gift may not be appropriate for some. Florida Family creations offer memorial jewelry as part of their cremation services. You may also request them to create a personalized fingerprint pendant or a bracelet with an engraving.

3. A Quilt

Your loved one may have loved to express themselves through clothing. If this is the case, then a quilt made from the deceased favorite rock band t-shirts is a great gift for remembering them. You could choose the fabric yourself. Alternatively, you could send a gift card to the recipient that lets them customize the ideal quilt for remembering their loved one.

4. Donation to Their Favorite Charity

You may wish to donate to a specific cause or a charity in memory of your loved one. This idea is an appropriate way of honoring them, especially if you feel unsure about sending jewelry or other items.

5. Gift Box

While trying to process the news of a loved one’s passing, the bereaved family usually requires nourishment. A gift box with the essential food items makes a significant difference. Also, you may wish to gift them a self-care subscription box. A ‘therabox’ with skincare products such as essential oils is a perfect gift to replenish their wellness.

6. A Memoir to Help Cope with the Loss

Sending a memoir can help a loved one who is trying to make sense of their loss. A memoir such as “The Bright Hour” by Nina Riggs offers insights and reflections. It is also a form of therapy as it provides healing.

7. Personalized Plaque

You may wish to send a personalized U.S military plaque as a gift for remembering a loved one. This gift is an appreciation for your loved one’s dedication and service to their country.

8. Therapy Animal

Losing a partner is especially difficult for seniors. Usually, the holiday season is when most parents take their children to visit their grandparents. However, due to the pandemic, you may have postponed this reunion. A trained animal could offer emotional support and give your loved one a sense of purpose. However, you should determine if they can handle the responsibility of caring for an animal before gifting them a pet.

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