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Why Prepaid Direct Cremation Plans are Beneficial

No doubt cremation is growing in popularity. And let’s say you’ve made up your mind to go for it. But is there more you can do? Yes, you can help your family by having a prepaid direct cremation plan ready.

Unfortunately, the time we need this plan to go into effect is not known. It can come at a time when you least expect it or when your family is not prepared. Pre-planning is not just a realistic approach, but it also shows concern for your loved ones.

How does the prepayment option work, and what are its merits?

Cremation Pre-Planning Gives You Control

You can decide in advance everything you want for your cremation. Pre-planning also allows you to express any of your wishes and live peacefully knowing that everything is under control.

By planning with a cremation provider, this eases the burden on your loved ones since they will know everything you’d have wanted for your last wishes. Pre-planning keeps your family from guessing. Best part, they won’t have to make hasty decisions or worry too much about what you may have wanted.

Prepaid Direct Cremation Prevents a Burden from Falling on Your Family

Death can weigh heavily on family members, both financially and emotionally. In an ideal situation, they shouldn’t have to deal with financial burdens during their grieving moment. Most funeral homes don’t offer payment plans at the time of cremation. So, it makes more sense to pay for the services in advance.

When you prepay for cremation, your family feels relieved from future financial costs. That prepares them emotionally and gives them peace of mind. Since they won’t be worried about finances, they’ll have enough time to mourn and celebrate your life. By reviewing your photos and sharing your memories with everyone in the family, the occasion becomes all about you, giving them better healing and closure.

A Prepaid Plan Saves You from Inflation

The cremation costs you pay today are lower than what you’d have to pay in the future. Inflation pushes prices up, making it more expensive. And as more people choose cremation over traditional funerals, prices could rise even higher.

When you pay upfront, you can lock in today’s prices to apply in the future. If you can’t afford to pay in full, you can pay in installments. Whatever the case, when you choose prepaid cremation, the financial burden will always be less.

Prepaid Direct Cremation Helps Avoid Inconveniences

Pre-planning is the best way to ensure everything goes smoothly. Prepaid direct cremation is a bit convenient compared to other funeral arrangements.

Let’s say you put your funeral wishes in a will. Usually, people read it after the funeral. So, they won’t know your wishes until later.

On the other hand, funeral insurance does not cover specific details about your funeral. Not to mention that some insurance policies may have delays in processing claims. Prepaid cremation plans don’t delay and let you decide every detail of your funeral.

If you have money in the bank, it may be inaccessible to your family. Banks require a death certificate to transfer funds. So, you cannot rely on the money in the bank to pay for the funeral.

How Cremation Pre-Planning Works

The best thing about prepaid funeral plans is that you get to choose from several packages. Since you’re not under pressure to pay, you can choose a more comprehensive plan. Prepaid cremation plans include the following.

1. Prepaid Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is the cheapest option available. The cremation process takes place immediately or shortly after death. You don’t need to pay for a casket or embalming. And there’s no ceremony as well.

After cremation, your family gets the ashes and proceeds with their private ceremony. Since it doesn’t involve many activities, it’s the most affordable cremation plan.

2. Prepaid Cremation Plus a Funeral Service

Cremation does not eliminate traditional funerals. You can still have all the activities you desire and include them in the payment plans. In addition to cremation, this package provides for body viewing, embalming, and a ceremony.

That means you must lease a casket to facilitate body transportation and viewing. Then you can decide where you want the ceremony to take place. It could be at a park, a place of worship, or another location of your choosing.

Do you prefer to follow religious traditions? This package can also accommodate such plans—it offers a flexible strategy that adapts to various needs.

Why Choose Prepaid Direct Cremation from Florida Family Cremations?

When you pass on, you can’t stop your loved ones from grieving, but you can save them from financial distress. Pre-planning eliminates inconveniences. Plus, it’s the surest way to ensure your death wishes are fulfilled.

Are you looking for cremation services in Clearwater? Florida Family Cremation would like to help you. We offer various packages, including veterans services. Give us a call today for a free consultation on prepaid direct cremation.