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Pre-Planning Cremation Services: 10 Benefits of Pre-Planning Cremation

As an adult, you typically decide for various life matters such as retirement or your insurance. What you may not know is that you can extend such preparedness to when you pass on. One way to do this is through cremation pre-planning. While it can make you feel uneasy, pre-planning your funeral is beneficial to both you and your loved ones. Want to know how? Read on to learn what the process entails and why you should consider seeking pre-planning cremation services.

What is Cremation Pre-Planning?

Cremation pre-planning refers to the process of making funeral arrangements before you or your loved one’s death. There’s no rule concerning when you can seek these services; some people do it years or decades in advance. This process also involves prepaying for your funeral, i.e., when you sign an agreement with a funeral home or crematorium. Prepaid funeral plans typically describe the type of service you have chosen and paid for as well as the person that can redeem the payment on your behalf.

How to Pre-Plan Your Cremation

Here is a list of practical steps to take when pre-planning your cremation services.

1. Inform your family members

While funeral plans are secure, final wishes are not legally binding, so people can choose not to honor them. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you discuss your desire to pre-plan your cremation services with the people who your death will most impact.

2. Research the available payment options

Doing your due diligence not only helps you receive tax advantages but also helps you avoid drawbacks. Some of the options to consider include:

  • opening up a savings account whose funds will sorely be for cremation expenses. You will need to indicate the person that can access these funds upon your passing.
  • setting up a trust
  • or preparing a cremation pre-plan under an insurance policy

3. Choose a cremation provider

We recommend settling on a provider who is licensed and has positive reviews. It would help if you asked friends and family for recommendations as well. You can then begin the pre-plan and prepayment process. Ensure you make copies of the contract and share them with your family and lawyer.

Benefits of seeking pre-planning cremation services

Here are ten reasons why it would be wise to pre-plan your cremation services.

1. For peace of mind

The earliest days after a loved one’s passing are often the hardest because loved ones struggle to accept the shocking news of the person’s death. If you make cremation plans in advance, this eliminates the financial burden that would naturally fall on family members and loved ones.

2. Pre-planning allows you to personalize your cremation services

Have you always loved chrysanthemums, and do your loved ones know this? Pre-planning gives you sufficient time to plan a thoughtful cremation process. It also allows you to personalize the memorial service to include everyone and everything you have ever loved.

3. To save money

Prepaid cremation plans offer different payment options, such as through your insurance or trust fund. Each option enjoys specific tax advantages that will end up helping you save money. Furthermore, since the plan is part of a signed contract, this ensures your money is secure.

4. Pre-planning money is available when the need arises

Having a prepaid cremation plan allows you or a loved one to access the funds immediately or have them transferred directly to the funeral home. It also saves your family from having to wait for weeks before your life insurance company provides funds to cover cremation costs.

5. Consultations with your cremation provider are free

If you decide to partner with Florida Family Cremations, the director working with you will educate you about the entire process. The director will also address any concerns and answer all questions you might have about our cremation services.

6. To avoid conflict

Final arrangements involve a lot of decision making including:

  • A loved one’s preferred type of final disposition
  • Division of duties
  • Planning the cremation service and raising funds for a ceremony

These responsibilities, coupled with grief, can lead to disagreements between family members. Cremation pre-planning, therefore, removes this emotional burden allowing your loved ones to undergo a healthy grieving process.

7. Pre-planning shields you from inflation

Cremation costs are set to go up annually with inflation. By prepaying for a funeral, you can lock in the current prices even if you end up using the services decades from now.

8. The prepaid plan is transferable

It’s common to wonder whether your plan is intact if you decide to move. The answer is yes! You can transfer your insurance coverage and still retain your prepaid funeral plan.

9. The process is straightforward

Most people will shy away from services that seem lengthy. Fortunately, you need not worry about that with cremation pre-planning. You don’t need to take any medical exams. All you will need is to fill the pre-plan cremation application form and sign a contract.

10. Protect your assets

Choosing cremation prepaid plans allows you to divest assets hence qualify for Medicaid. This process also allows every asset included in the pre-plan to be considered exempt.

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Cremation pre-planning reduces the stress associated with final arrangements during an already difficult time. The team at Florida Family Cremations is committed to helping you arrange the cremation service you desire at an affordable cost. Call us at (727) 223-5911 to begin your pre-planning with a free consultation today.