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How Does Planning a Cremation Prepare Us Emotionally?

Cremation is today the most popular final disposition method in the United States. Its affordability, versatility, and eco-friendly nature are a few of the reasons behind this preference.

But let’s say there’s one benefit that most people are not aware of, and that’s cremation pre-planning. Planning a cremation has various emotional benefits.

Read on to learn why you should seek cremation pre-planning services.

Understanding Cremation Pre-Planning

Cremation pre-planning is the process of working with a cremation provider to prepare for cremation services that you intend to seek in the future. There’s no time limit, meaning you can choose to pre-plan months or decades ahead in time.

Critical Decisions to Make When Planning Cremation in Advance

There are three primary decisions you’ll need to make when pre-planning a cremation.

1. The type of service

Here, you’ll find three standard options to choose from:

  • Direct cremation This cremation service is the most straightforward. It occurs immediately after death. Once complete, the cremation provider sends the cremains to the family members.
  • Memorial service and cremation – In this setting, family and friends hold a memorial service after the cremation process is over and the loved one’s ashes are present.
  • Traditional cremation – Some families opt for a conventional funeral which includes paying respects and body viewing. Afterward, a direct cremation takes place.

2. Specifications

Depending on the service type you choose, there are several specifications to include in the pre-plan.

These include:

  • The type of cremation urn you want
  • Your desired funeral service theme, e.g., military or non-religious
  • The location for your cremation and memorial service
  • Specifics for the service such as music, displays, and readings
  • Final resting place, e.g., mausoleum, a burial site, or columbarium

3. What to do with the cremated remains

Chiefly, you’ll find several options available when it comes to handling cremains. These include:

  • Placing the ashes in an urn
  • Interring the cremains in a garden or cemetery
  • Scattering ashes at sea – Holding a scattering ceremony and scattering cremated ashes at sea has become a popular way of honoring a loved one
  • Converting cremation ashes into jewelry
  • Turning the cremains into a sculpture

How Pre-Planning Cremation Benefits You and Your Loved Ones Emotionally

1. Planning Cremation Beforehand Gives You a Sense of Agency

Is there a specific way you would like your loved ones to remember you? Maybe you are an active military member or are an animal rights activist. Cremation pre-planning allows you to declare all your wishes, so your loved ones know how to honor you like you would have wanted.

2. Cremation Pre-Planning Grants Your Family Peace of Mind

If you‘ve helped to make final arrangements for a loved one before, then you must know the amount of paperwork involved. With more than twenty things to tend to immediately after one die, planning cremation relieves your family of the burden of making painful decisions.

Furthermore, it saves them from the strain of having to speculate what you would have wanted for your final disposition.

3. Pre-Planning Eases the Family’s Financial Burden

Cremation costs increase each year. Therefore, by pre-planning, you get to lock in the current cremation charges for future services. Doing so will save your family from having to raise money during an already difficult time. We recommend looking into cremation insurance to ensure that you cover all major expenses.

4. Prevent Family Conflict

The immediate period after a loved one dies is often tense as everyone struggles to deal with the devastating news. With so many decisions to make within a short period, family arguments may arise. This situation often exacerbates when the preferred disposition method isn’t known or when the financial expenses are burdening.

Pre-Plan Your Cremation with Florida Family Cremations

Planning cremation services for future use is thoughtful as it prepares you and your family emotionally. A cremation pre-plan reduces stress, saves money, and minimizes family conflict. Furthermore, it allows you to decide how you would like your loved ones to remember you.

Whether you wish to have a simple cremation or a burial at sea, Florida Family Cremations can help fulfill these wishes. Contact us today for affordable cremation services.