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How to Help a Relative through the Loss of a Family Member

Consoling and talking to a relative or friend who is grieving the loss of a family member is not easy. Often, you may find talking to them somewhat challenging because you do not know what to say. Sometimes, it seems there’s nothing you can say or do to console them, but do not give up.

While you cannot take their pain away, your presence is crucial to them. Your support and company will make them feel better and know they are not alone. Remember, be patient and understand that grief is gradual.

Here are several ways you can offer help to a grieving friend or relative.

Get in touch

It’s perfectly normal to find yourself avoiding a relative or friend who has lost a loved one. However, this is the time they need you most. This is the time to show your support. Visit them and find out how they are doing. Offer them a listening ear instead of advising them. If you cannot travel or be with them for some reason, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, call them, listen and talk to them.

Here are some tips when getting in touch with someone after losing a family member.

  • You do not know what they are feeling, and therefore avoid saying I know how you feel
  • When talking to them, be patient. Let them explain what happened and how they are feeling without interrupting them
  • Make promises that you can keep and not just for the moment.
  • If you know the person who has died, say some nice things about them. This helps the grieving family.
  • If you cannot get to them, call or text and let them know you are within them.

Offer Practical Support

After the loss of a family member, people need practical support for two reasons. First, is because the deceased before their demise used to play a specific role in their lives; and secondly, because grieving makes it hard to take care of everyday chores. Ask yourself, what might your grieving friend need, and what can you offer? For example, you can help them in cleaning the house or offer to contact the funeral home for cremation services.

Here are more examples of practical help when a loved one is grieving the loss of a family member:

  • Help with physical work, for instance, cleaning, yard work, etc.
  • Help take care of children and pets
  • Offer a helping hand with day-to-day tasks such as running errands and grocery shopping
  • If you cannot cook for them, send them meals
  • Accompany them when they are going out
  • You can offer to stay at their place or offer them a place to stay of they do not want to be alone

Be there for Them

Being there when your friend is grieving is more than any gift or financial aid you can offer. Being there does not mean the comical phrase, “let me know if you need anything.” This phrase is not helpful. Being there means being supportive in a real way.

This may include:

  • Offer a hug
  • Offer sincere and honest words of encouragements
  • Check on them regularly – Call or message them
  • Physically show up during your friend’s or relative’s hour of need
  • Share meals with them if they are struggling with lost appetite

Helping the bereaved while social distancing

After the loss of a family member or friend during the COVID times, supporting the bereaved may seem impractical because you cannot be with them. There are a few things you can do to show support.

These include:

  • Call them and let them know you’re emotionally with them
  • Send them notes of ‘I’m thinking about you.’
  • Understand these are difficult times to grief – follow up and give your friend a listening ear. Ask them if they’re open to video calls.
  • If you must visit the bereaved physically, wear a mask, and avoid close contact.
  • If you live nearby, offer to do grocery shopping or walk their pet
  • Arrange to meet in an open place where you can practice social distancing

Let Florida Family Cremations Help You Grieve

Losing a family member is hard enough, let alone preparing for a decent sendoff. This is where Florida Family Cremation can help. Besides offering grief support, we also handle all cremation-related services as you grieve your loved one. From the immediate need, to cremation services for veterans, we will ensure the sendoff process is flawless. With cremation in Florida costs hiking every day, we offer cremation pre planning, which is not only affordable but also convenient for the bereaved family. Get in touch with us today at (727) 223-5911 and let us help ease your burden.