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Is Cremation Cheaper than Burial Services?

More Americans prefer cremation services to a traditional funeral than they did before. Besides its cost-effective nature, cremation services offer several options to honor your loved one. For instance, you could inter the cremated remains, scatter them at sea, or use the ashes to create keepsake jewelry.

So, is cremation cheaper than burial services? Here’s why you should consider choosing Florida Family Cremations after the passing of a loved one.

Is Cremation Cheaper Than Burial? Comparing the Costs Over Time

The cost of a funeral has increased dramatically over the years. For instance, in 1960, the average costs were $708. This amount would only suffice for standard arrangements that included burial plots, funeral viewing, and caskets. By 1980, the total cost jumped to $1800. By 2019, families had to pay approximately $7,640 for standard funeral services.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association(NFDA), the national median cost of a traditional burial in 2021 was about $7,848, while a simple cremation would cost $6,971, making cremation cheaper than burial. It’s, therefore, no surprise that about 69.5% of Americans will go for the cremation option by 2030. This rate will rise to 78.4% by 2040. While the costs of cremation have also increased, the pace has been much slower than traditional funerals.

For Veteran Services, Our Cremation Services Are Cheaper Than Burials

Cremation costs for veterans vary depending on the family members’ preferences. Even so, cremation is cheaper than burial. You can expect to pay $879 with no hidden costs by working with us. This price covers essential paperwork, cremation, a temporary urn, and transportation.

Benefits of Seeking Cremation Services From Florida Family Cremations

First, cremation is cheaper than burial. Making final arrangements after a loved one’s passing can be overwhelming, and both you and other family members may not have a high sum of discretionary income. For this reason, cremation services have become the more practical option.

Secondly, if you are conscious of your impact on the environment, choosing cremation is the best option. Traditional burial involves interring a body that has undergone embalming. After decomposition, these fluids end up in the soil. Moreover, wood use in caskets is unsustainable as it requires cutting down trees.

Currently, not every loved one lives with you in Clearwater or the tri-county area. Therefore, having a burial plot can mean other loved ones who live across states can’t visit the deceased’s final resting place regularly. With cremation services, you can store ashes in urns or get keepsake jewelry, allowing you always to have them close.

Additionally, you can choose to preplan final arrangements with us to save your family from the burden of paying for your cremation funeral. A cremation plan also ensures the end-of-life ceremony respects your wishes.

Moreover, cremation still allows you to accommodate your religious beliefs. For instance, you can choose to include viewing and interment of the ashes.

Florida Family Cremations Offers a Dignified Ceremony on a Budget

Direct cremation is ideal if you need affordable cremation services in Clearwater. Our team will handle everything from transportation, applying for a death certificate, and returning your loved one’s ashes to you. We also offer veterans’ services and grief support resources. Call us today for pre-planning and immediate need services.