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Ideas for Remembering a Loved One on Their Birthday

Birthdays and other special occasions can be tough when you’ve recently lost someone special. Celebrating and remembering a loved one on their birthday may seem counterintuitive, but it can help you heal. There are no set rules for how you go about memorializing your loved one. These birthday memorial ideas can bring joy and healing to your family and allow you to truly honor your loved one’s life.


Everyone is different, so it’s important to keep in mind that remembering your loved one doesn’t have to be a somber occasion. If you feel like getting together with friends and family and throwing a party, do it. Whether it’s small, intimate dinner or a big deal, talk with others about how they’d like to celebrate your loved one’s life. You may want to play music, serve food, and put up decorations your loved one would have liked. Sharing funny or happy stories of memories can also lift everyone’s spirits and help you find peace.

Do something they loved

Did your family member or friend like to fish? Play golf? Go to the symphony, the movies, or waterski? Another creative birthday memorial idea is to do something they enjoyed – or even better, something you loved doing together.

Plant something

Digging in the dirt is restorative and connects us with the earth and life. Planting some flowers, a tree or other flora in your loved one’s honor can give you something permanent and alive that reminds you of them every time you pass by.

Scatter their ashes

If you or your loved one chose a cremation service instead of burial, consider taking a portion of their ashes and scattering them in a place they liked. For example, If they loved a particular hiking spot, take a walk, spread a bit of their ashes there, and enjoy the serenity of nature.


Remembering your loved one by giving your time to an organization they supported or were involved in can give you a real sense of connection to who they were. Not only that, helping others can feed your soul. You may even run into someone who knew your friend or family member, which can give you great insight into what they offered to the world and what they meant to others. If you’re unable to devote your time, consider making a charitable donation in their name.

Do whatever makes you feel better

There’s no right or wrong way to honor your loved one on their birthday. For some people, remembering their loved one by celebrating is healing, but for others, it may be too painful. Do what you need to do, whether it’s getting together with others or spending a quiet day alone. Don’t feel obligated to do anything – if you’d rather carry on with your daily routine, that’s fine too. Whatever you decide, be compassionate with yourself and remember that your loved one would want you to do the things that give you peace and happiness.

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