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How to Clean an Urn and Care for Cremation Jewelry

If you’ve decided to store your loved ones’ remains, the team at Florida Family Cremations can inurn your loved one’s ashes as part of their cremation services in Clearwater. Our memorial store staff can advise you regarding the right urn size and material. This post will provide steps on how to clean an urn and care for cremation jewelry.

Urn Maintenance

Cremation urns come in various materials. Therefore, the steps for cleaning your keepsake urn will vary based on the type of urn you choose.

1. Wooden Urn

First, even before you start cleaning your wooden urn, it would be best to store it properly. Ensure you place it away from direct sunlight to prevent it from cracking. Additionally, only use a dry cloth to wipe off the dust that builds up over time. Avoid using water or any cleaning chemicals as they may destroy the wood. Finally, you could use wood polish every once in a while, to maintain the shine.

2. Metal Urn

Just like wooden urns, it would be best to place your metal urn in a dark location to prevent warping. Likewise, only use a dry cloth as water could lead to rusting. Be gentle when wiping off dirt and dust to avoid scratches, which can be highly visible due to the material.

3. Glass Urn

Ensure you place your glass urn far from children and pets’ reach because it could easily break even from a gentle fall. You may use natural cleaning products. Be sure to dry it off to prevent staining of the surface.

4. Ceramic Urn

Similar to glass urns, ensure you store your ceramic urn on a stable surface. As well, only use a dry cloth to clean it as water may destroy the urn’s surface.

Caring for Your Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is a great keepsake choice for people who want to keep their loved ones close to them at all times. Depending on your style, you could choose to wear a bracelet, ring, or a pendant. For personalized jewelry, such as a fingerprint chain, it would be best to inform our team at Florida Family Cremations during the cremation pre planning process.

Now that you’ve learned how to clean an urn let’s look at cremation jewelry maintenance.

1. Sterling silver

Typically, silver jewelry may lose its luster over time due to contact with environmental pollutants. If this happens, you should use a silver jewelry cleaning cream. Alternatively, you could buff your jewelry. Avoid dipping in water or any chemical solutions. It would also help if you stored it in an airtight container to reduce the jewelry surface’s oxidation.

2. Solid gold

Unlike silver, solid gold will not oxidize; however, it may become dull over time. You can clean your jewelry using a soft cloth and dish soap. For excess buildup, you may use a soft toothbrush. Once it’s clean, ensure you’ve properly rinsed and wiped it using a gold polishing cloth.

3. Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil jewelry is quite delicate. Therefore, only use a soft cotton cloth to wipe off the dirt. Do not dip in water or any chemical solution to prevent it from becoming dull.

4. Stainless steel

For this type of jewelry, mild dish, soap and water will do. Just like other jewelry mentioned above, only use a soft cloth to prevent scratches. Also, to maintain its luster, you may want to store it in a closed jewelry box for it not to oxidize.

5. Photo pendant

Photo pendants are very delicate and could come off easily even by just buffing. Therefore, you should only clean such jewelry to wipe off oil streaks and fingerprints.

Contact Florida Family Cremations for Cremation Urns and Jewelry

Urns and keepsake cremation jewelry are priceless items and are a thoughtful way of remembering a loved one. To keep these memorial items in pristine condition, it would help to know how to clean an urn and store them properly.

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