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How Much Does it Cost to be Cremated with Florida Family Cremations?

Affordable cremation services are becoming more and more popular each year. With the average cost of a traditional funeral and burial ranging anywhere from $8,000 – $12,000 or more, it’s no surprise that individuals and families are looking for more inexpensive options. Because cremation costs can range greatly, even in the same geographical area, it’s best to do your research and weigh your options, even if you find yourself with an immediate need for cremation services for a loved one. So how much does it cost to be cremated? The answer depends on the cremation services you choose and what type of establishment you use.

Direct Cremation

The most affordable cremation option is direct cremation, which includes basic services performed by a crematory for a flat fee. In addition to performing the actual cremation, a reputable crematory will obtain all required state and county permits, transport your loved one, provide an official death certificate, contact the Social Security Administration on your behalf, and provide a complimentary obituary and basic urn for your loved one’s remains. Although some funeral homes offer these services as well, their cremation costs may be much higher, especially if they use an off-site crematory. With direct cremation, you don’t have to worry about the high cost of embalming and preparation of the body, an expensive casket, visitation, or burial, unless you choose to have the cremains buried.

Direct cremation services in Clearwater and beyond can cost anywhere from $850 to several thousand dollars. In Florida direct cremation is not only affordable; it’s a practical option when someone passes away suddenly. It helps families avoid the financial and emotional cost of planning an elaborate funeral and service in just a few days and allows them to hold whatever type of memorial they choose later. A crematory may also provide special cremation services for veterans, which can help you properly honor your loved one and their service without having to face financial difficulty.

How Much does it Cost to be Cremated with Cremation Pre-Planning?

Another affordable, convenient option that many people choose is cremation pre-planning. This type of cremation service allows you to plan and pay for your final arrangements ahead of time. Pre-planning can give you peace of mind, as it enables you to spare your family the emotional and financial toll of making final arrangements after your passing. When you purchase a pre-planning package, your cremation pricing is locked in, which means your loved ones won’t incur any additional costs after your passing. If you travel frequently or live far away from friends and family, pre-planning gives you the option of purchasing an international protection plan, which ensures all return arrangements are handled by the experienced professionals at the crematory.

Cremation pre-planning also enables you to make your wishes known, so your loved ones won’t have to scramble to organize a last-minute funeral or memorial service and wonder about what you would have wanted. This can save families a lot of stress and heartache, as conflict may arise when making these types of challenging emotional decisions. You may want to involve your loved ones in pre-planning as well, which can help you understand each other better and bring you closer as a family.

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