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How Long Does Cremation Usually Take?

After the passing of a loved one, families like having a clear plan for how to conduct the final send-off. The cremation time will no doubt affect your scheduled activities. Therefore, it’s essential to know how much time you have to help you plan effectively. So how long does cremation take?

Cremation involves many steps, from the time the provider receives the body to the time it hands the ashes to the family. The time taken from start to finish depends on various factors.

Here are four of those factors:

1. The State Laws

A cremation provider can’t cremate a body on the first day because of legal restrictions. In Florida, the law requires a waiting period of at least 48 hours before beginning the process. That’s because the cremation process is irreversible. So, the law provides an allowance in case the family members change their minds, or something else comes up.

2. How Busy the Crematorium Facility is

Nowadays, many people are choosing cremation over traditional funerals. As such, crematoriums are getting busier than before. Keep in mind that funeral homes can’t place two bodies in the cremation chamber simultaneously.

So, placing one body at a time means some will have to wait. If the crematorium is busy, you may have to wait longer.

3. Whether Post Mortem Is Required

The waiting period before a cremation can be longer if a postmortem is required. A postmortem may be required by the family members or by the authorities. If the cause of death is COVID-19, the waiting periods can also be longer. Even when a postmortem isn’t necessary, cremation can’t start until the doctor signs the death certificate.

4. Whether There’s a Funeral Service or Not

The type of cremation you choose will determine the waiting period. If you choose direct cremation, the process can take less than a week. But how long does cremation take when there’s a funeral service? It depends on whether you want a funeral home to facilitate the service or you want to do it privately.

If you involve the funeral home, you’ll work with the funeral director to set the appropriate day. Most people hold a funeral service before cremation. That allows them to view the body and say their final goodbyes. Based on the date you set for the funeral services, it can take up to 15 business days to complete the entire process.

How long does it take for cremation to turn a body into ashes?

Once a doctor signs the death certificate, cremation can start at any time. First, the crematorium attendants will prepare the body for 30 minutes to an hour. Then they’ll put the body into a preheated chamber. The time taken inside the chamber is about 2 to 3 hours, depending on the temperature and the body size.

After cremation, it will take another 2 hours to process the cremated remains. The bone fragments are given time to cool before being crushed into a fine powder.

Finally, the crematorium staff will put the ashes into an urn and hand it over to you. Afterward, you can decide what to do with the ashes. You can use the ashes to make cremation jewelry, keep them in your house, or spread them.

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In short, the entire cremation process can take 4 to 15 business days. Before cremation, you must obtain a death certificate bearing a doctor’s signature. Additionally, the next of kin must give authorization for the loved one’s cremation to start. Cremation can begin at any time after you have met these requirements and the two-day legal waiting period has expired.

If you’re in the process of planning a cremation, Florida Family Cremations can help you. We provide affordable cremation services in Clearwater. Our packages include veterans’ services and direct cremation. Contact us for more information about our services and to learn more about our facility.