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How is a Body Prepared for Cremation?

Not everyone understands how the cremation process works. As people continue to choose cremation over traditional burial, many are asking what happens behind the scenes. How is a body prepared for cremation?

Usually, you give the body to the crematorium and receive ashes in return. Unlike a burial, where you can observe the process as it takes place, you don’t see what happens in a cremation. That’s why this detailed guide seeks to explain all the steps from start to finish.

Identification of the Body

After the identification, the caretakers will attach a metal ID tag to the body. This ID will remain with the body throughout the process and will provide assurance that the cremated remains belong to your loved one.

The Cremation Process

After the body is prepared for cremation, it’s placed in a combustible cardboard container. The crematory staff will then slide it into a pre-heated cremation chamber. This chamber will cremate the body at an intense heat of about 1,200 to 1,800 Fahrenheit.

The cremation process can take 2 to 3 hours. And at the end, the cremated remains will weigh 3 to 9 pounds, depending on the body size and the process involved.

Cremation is done one body at a time. So, you should never worry about receiving mixed ashes.

Post-Cremation Process

After cremation, the remains are cooled. Then any identifiable metal pieces are removed from the ashes. These include artificial joints and medical pins. Some types of metal will melt, but others, like titanium, can withstand the temperature.

The crematory staff will pick up the large metal pieces by hand. Otherwise, strong magnets will be used to collect the small pieces. After that, only bone fragments will remain. These bones are crushed into a fine powder. Here, bones make up most of the ashes because the flesh evaporates in the intense heat.

So, how long is the process? Post-cremation processing takes about 1 to 2 hours. That means the entire cremation process can take 5 to 6 hours.

Cremated Remains are Given to Family Members

The cremated remains are returned to the family at the end of the process. You’ll pick up the body remains in an urn of your choice. A temporary urn might be sufficient if you want to spread the ashes soon. But if you want to hold on to them longer, go for a permanent urn.

Cremation Provides You with Flexibility

Unlike traditional burial, cremation gives you multiple choices. You can choose to have a memorial service or not. You can decide whether to bury the cremated remains or keep them. With cremation, it’s easy to align your desires with your budget.

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