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Why Cremation Without a Funeral is a Good Option During COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected the lives of Americans in many different ways. It’s made saying goodbye to those who have passed more challenging, as families aren’t able to hold traditional funerals and memorials. In the age of social distancing, more and more people are choosing direct cremation without a funeral and planning celebration of life and memorial gatherings for a later date. For those who have an immediate need to make final arrangements, cremation services provide simple, affordable options for putting a loved one to rest in a respectful manner.

Cremation without a Funeral Eases the Financial Burden on Families

Not only are family and friends grieving the loved ones they’ve lost, they’re concerned about how they’ll pay thousands of dollars for a traditional burial and funeral. Cremation without a funeral eases the burden on families who are struggling financially and emotionally during the coronavirus pandemic.

Affordable cremation pricing takes some of the weight off your shoulders by providing cremation services such as transportation of your loved one, notification of the Social Security Administration, a copy of the death certificate a basic urn for a flat fee, which is often costs only about $1,000 for everything. If you’ve lost someone who was a member of the Armed Forces, some facilities also offer special cremation services for veterans to ensure your loved one is cared for with the dignity and honor they deserve for the sacrifices they’ve made.

Cremation is a Practical Option

Because families can’t gather in large numbers to hold funerals or graveside services due to social distancing rules, cremation without a funeral makes practical sense right now. Many people are already anxious and stressed due to worries about their family’s health, job security, and other circumstances. Cremation is a simple, straightforward process that can be arranged over the phone or online. It can ease some of the stress and confusion you may be feeling about doing what’s right for your loved one and family while also trying to mourn your loss.

If you’re concerned about the financial and emotional toll that final arrangements may take on your family, cremation pre-planning allows you to take care of and pay for your own arrangements ahead of time. In these uncertain times, cremation pre-planning can give you peace of mind, knowing that your wishes will be honored and your family won’t have to scramble to make arrangements should something happen to you.

Cremation Gives you an Opportunity to Plan the Memorial You Envisioned

Grieving a loved one is hard enough during the best of times, but suffering a loss while being separated from friends and family is particularly difficult. Planning a memorial by coordinating via phone, text, or video chat is a way to connect, find joy in celebrating your loved one, and gives you something to look forward to. It also presents opportunities to talk about your loved one with others, share stories, and discover how the person who passed had an impact on the lives of those who knew them.

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