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How to Choose Cremation Urns for Ashes for Your Loved One

After the passing of a loved one, choosing a cremation urn can be challenging. Cremation urns for ashes come in all sizes, materials, and shapes. Considering different factors, such as how you plan to store or scatter the ashes, can help you make a decision that best honors your loved one.

Set Your Budget

Knowing what you can afford when it comes to cremation pricing and urns for ashes helps you narrow down your choices, which can make the whole process less stressful. The facility that provides cremation services for your loved one can advise you on the size of the urn you’ll need if you plan on keeping all of the ashes in one place. If your loved one pre planned a cremation, they may have already chosen an urn and paid for it in advance.

Consider the Final Disposition of Your Loved One’s Ashes

The type of cremation urns for ashes that families choose tend to vary by what they plan to do with them. For example, if you opt to keep your loved one’s ashes at home, you’ll probably want to choose an urn that will blend nicely with the décor of your home. Think about whether you’d like a smaller urn that will be placed on a mantle, or a larger one that goes on the floor. If you want the cremation urn for ashes to reflect your loved one’s personality, consider purchasing one with a specific theme. For example, facilities that provide cremation services for veterans offer urns with patriotic themes that may include a flag or bald eagle.

Selecting a Material for the Urn

Cremation urns can be made of ceramic, glass, bronze, copper, brass, porcelain, wood, and other materials. If your loved one enjoyed spending time in nature, you may want to choose an urn made out of a natural material such as wood if you plan to keep it inside. If the ashes are going to be buried, make sure to check with the cemetery on which types of urns and materials are allowed.

Scattering Ashes

If you’re planning on scattering your loved one’s ashes in a special place like the ocean, a lake, or creek, there are water-soluble, biodegradable urns that can be placed directly into the water. These urns also work well for environmentally friendly internment, as they decompose over time and return to the earth. If you’re taking the ashes on an airplane, it’s important to make sure you use an urn made from a material that’s easily scannable, like plastic, glass, or cardboard. You can always transfer them to a more permanent cremation urn once you reach your destination.

Options for Splitting up Ashes

In many families, a loved one’s ashes are distributed among several people. Although there are small cremation urns for ashes if you wish to keep them at home, another option to consider is cremation or keepsake jewelry. This type of jewelry comes in many different styles, from tiny urns that can be put on a chain and worn as a necklace to glass jewelry that incorporates a portion of your loved one’s ashes.

Choosing a cremation urn for ashes that reflects your loved one’s spirit and the things they cared about can help you feel closer to them and give you something tangible that celebrates their life and their memory.

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