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5 Steps to Creating A Successful and Affordable Cremation Plan

Cremation pre planning allows you to ensure your final wishes are known and can help ease the burden on your family at a difficult time. Talking about cremation plans with your loved ones can give everyone involved peace of mind, but a lot of people aren’t sure where to start. These five steps can help to ensure you find the cremation services right for you and your family.

1. Think About Your Intentions

Sit down and jot down ideas about how you would like to be put to rest. How do you want to be remembered? Is easing your family’s financial and emotional burden important to you? How would you like to be memorialized? Would you prefer a casual service or more formal event, or no event at all? Is there a special place you would like your loved ones to have a scattering service? If you a member of the military, would you prefer a facility that provides specific cremation services for veterans? These are just a few questions to ask.

2. Talk With Your Loved Ones

Although it can be a difficult subject to broach, involving your family when creating cremation plans can bring you closer together in a unique, meaningful way. Let them know your wishes and ask for their input as well. You may want to choose family photos together, have them write down stories they’d like to share, and talk about where, when and what kind of event you’d like to have.

3. Make A Plan

If you would like someone special to write a eulogy, ask them about it ahead of time. You can also discuss readings, music, or prayers you’d like to have. Talking about all of these things can help your family get more comfortable with the idea of using cremation services. You can also reassure them that pre-planning will allow your loved ones to grieve and celebrate your life without having to worry about the financial aspect of final arrangements. Although no one likes to think about losing a loved one, discussing how to celebrate someone’s life can lead to more joy in appreciating the present moment.

4. Find A Cremation Provider

The average cost of a traditional funeral and burial is about $8,000. Whether they choose pre-planning or have an immediate need if a loved one suddenly passes, more and more families are opting to use facilities that focus strictly on cremation. Typically, pre-planning packages can be purchased for an affordable flat fee that ‘locks in’ the cost of cremation. A reputable crematorium will allow you to come and view the facility, meet their staff, explain the process, and help you choose the cremation service that best meets your needs. These are very personal decisions, so it’s critical to find a place where you feel comfortable. Choosing a clean, well-kept, licensed facility with a friendly, compassionate staff is essential.

5. Finalize Your Plan

Once you’ve selected a cremation provider, talk with them about your options and choose a package. A good facility will ensure your loved ones will know where you are at all times, contact the Social Security Administration on your family’s behalf, and provide a death certificate with the option to purchase additional copies if necessary. Many people decide to choose an urn or cremation jewelry for their loved ones when pre-planning. Most cremation facilities offer beautiful keepsakes that you can either purchase ahead of time or let your family choose later.

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