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How is COVID-19 Affecting Cremations and Cremation Planning?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of people around the world in a number of ways. Unfortunately, as the number of deaths rise, so does the need for cremation planning services. The Coronavirus has led to a surge in cremation planning and other cremation services, and has put a strain on families who are trying to grieve while observing the rules of social distancing.

A Rise in Direct Cremation

Many families are opting for direct cremation, which doesn’t involve traditional funeral or memorial services. Direct cremation is an affordable, straightforward option that eliminates the cost of embalming, a casket, flowers, and other costs associated with traditional funerals. Direct cremation services also allow families with an immediate need to take care of arrangements quickly, which can be a blessing during such trying times. Families can them make plans for religious services or celebration of life events at a later date.

Cremation Pre-Planning is Also Becoming More Popular

The Coronavirus pandemic has also led to more people thinking about their own mortality, which may spur them to seek cremation pre-planning services. Pre-planning is a cremation service that allows you to make and pay for your own arrangements ahead of time. It’s a valuable tool that can help take some of the emotional and financial stress off your loved ones’ shoulders. Pre-planning enables you to ‘lock in’ cremation pricing, so your family and friends won’t have to worry about any unexpected costs in the event of your passing. Cremation pre planning also enables you to make arrangements according to your own wishes.

Cremation Planning Practices and Procedures Have Changed

Due to social distancing, many people are opting to make arrangements for loved ones via phone, video conference, or on the internet. Most cremation facilities provide a death certificate, and with many government agencies closed, they now have to order it for the family and have it mailed directly to them. Instead of choosing an urn for their loved one in person, they may order one online.

More Stringent Health & Safety Measures for Cremation Providers

Those who provide cremation services in Florida and around the globe have also taken rigorous safety precautions to protect themselves and others. Most cremation providers transport to their facility, and must be conscientious about avoiding all surrounding surfaces during pickup from hospitals, nursing homes and other locations. Workers are wearing extra personal protective equipment such as gowns, face shields, goggles, and masks. Additional cleaning and sterilizing in cremation facilities is also necessary.

Family and Friends are Grieving in a Different Way

Even if a family is planning on holding a memorial service or celebration later, the constraints of social distancing are taking a toll on mourners. Families can’t gather in large numbers or comfort one another with hugs and other physical contact. Cremation and memorial services help families find closure and comfort in each other. Although there are online bereavement support groups, working through grief and finding healing is more challenging without the in-person support of loved ones. The staff at cremation facilities are usually able to give compassionate, hands-on support to those who have lost loved ones. Although they now have to help at a distance, they are still committed to serving their communities in these trying times.

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