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Celebration of Life Ideas After Cremation Services

The passing of a loved one causes a great deal of pain and grief for the surviving family. Besides the grieving, the family also has to take care of paperwork and cremation pre planning.

Since this is an overwhelming time, families need all the support they can get to help them pay their last respects to their loved one.

Florida Family Cremations is here to help you every step of the way. Our team will help you process the paperwork and handle all cremation planning—allowing you to grieve your loved one and find closure.

Why Cremation is a Popular Choice

There are numerous reasons people choose cremation services over funerals. These include religious acceptance, simplicity, and a growing mobile society.

Other reasons many families prefer cremation include: the lower cost of cremation services compared to funerals and environmental friendliness. Cremations are also more flexible. Once you have the cremated ashes, you can later plan for celebrations, such as a celebration of life.

Celebration of Life Ceremonies

After a simple cremation, the family may want to commemorate the deceased in – a celebration of life. This ceremony marks the life of the deceased instead of mourning them. Celebration-of-life rituals can be held immediately or a few weeks, days, or years after a cremation.

A celebration of life helps people grieve and encourage others to focus on the positive side of life. Loved ones and friends will share stories and memories, as well as console each other during this process.

Such a ceremony also helps the family come to terms with the passing of their loved one. The celebrations can range from informal gatherings to choreographed spectacles. To make the most of the event, you have to plan out the best celebration of life ideas.

Celebration of Life and Funerals – the Difference

A funeral is a solemn event in a subdued environment. On the other hand, a celebration of life is a casual event that emphasizes the positive aspects of the deceased’s life. Attendees are free to talk about positive experiences with the deceased, tell stories, laugh, and remember their loved one fondly.

Organizing a Celebration of Life Event

Like any other event, organizing celebration of life ceremonies is not easy. There are a great number of details to maintain and plan for.

Please bear in mind it’s essential to consider what the deceased enjoyed or liked as you plan for the event. If you’re not sure of what to do, work with family and friends to develop a plan the deceased loved one would enjoy.

Here are some celebration of life ideas to inspire creativity:

  • Ask friends and family to speak about their positive experiences with the deceased
  • Ask people to bring photos as a way of sharing their good memories
  • Encourage humor and emotional situations
  • Release butterflies to celebrate the release of the deceased’s pain after a long illness
  • Plant the deceased’s favorite tree(s)
  • If the deceased was a philanthropist, organize charity events
  • Ask family and friends to write a memory of the deceased on a card, and later read them
  • Play the playlist of the deceased for family and friends to enjoy and dance

Cremation and Celebration of Life

Do you have a present need for a cremation? You’ll need to work with the right professionals. Florida Family Cremations ensures you have the necessary support to help you plan everything for cremation services. We have years of experience standing by families in their time of need. Call us at 27-223-5911 any time and let us help you begin the healing process after losing a loved one. We are also proud to offer cremation services for veterans.