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What is the Significance of Ash Scattering After Cremation?

There are several ways to honor a deceased loved one after a cremation, and ash scattering is one of them. If you wish to scatter cremated ashes, knowing the regulations in the state of Florida and the significance of scattering ceremonies helps family members do it properly.

Ash Scattering: Ten Different Ways

  1. Scatter ashes into the water

This method of ash scattering is popular due to its spiritual connotations. You could opt to scatter the cremated remains over a lake or sea. If you choose to scatter ashes at sea, you’ll have several factors to bear in mind.

For instance, you might want to identify the wind direction to prevent creating a mess. In addition, you must use a biodegradable urn if you plan to release the whole urn over the water.

  1. Ash scattering via air

Here, you could choose to scatter your loved one’s ashes while skydiving. This method is a unique way to honor an adventurous loved one. Alternatively, you could opt for aerial scattering from the top of a hill or mountain.

  1. Trenching

For some people, the interment of ashes is a preferred choice. This is possible through trenching. This ash scattering method involves digging a shallow trench at the beach, spreading the ashes, then covering them with sand.

  1. Raking

Raking involves spreading the cremated remains into the soil in a meaningful location, such as your backyard or your loved one’s favorite spot. Doing so is symbolic as it joins them with the earth, which many believe is how humans came to be.

  1. Eco-friendly burial

Holding a memorial service before scattering the cremated ashes is another way to honor a deceased loved one. Unlike traditional funerals, you only use containers made from biodegradable materials. This way, you prevent chemicals from polluting the soil and possible water sources.

State Regulations Relating to Ash Scattering and Cremation in Florida

No state law regulates where people can spread cremated remains in Florida. Even so, there are a few things to bear in mind.

  • Burial at Sea – The EPA requires people to spread ashes anywhere beyond three nautic miles from land. You must also notify the EPA of the ash scattering ceremony within thirty days.
  • Private Property – You may scatter ashes as long as you have sought permission from the landowner.
  • Scattering Gardens – There are numerous scattering gardens in Florida. All you need to do is reach out to them for more information.
  • Federal Land – The main rule is to avoid spreading the ashes on visible areas such as trails and waterways. We recommend visiting the National Park Service to learn about possible closures and opening hours.

The Significance of Ash Scattering After the Cremation Process

Ash scattering has a different meaning based on culture, religion, and overall beliefs. Now that cremation is growing in popularity, ash scattering may become a preferred option for those who won’t inter or store them after the cremation process. But, what is its significance?

Religious importance

Each religion has a specific view of the cremation process. For instance, Islam forbids it, while the contemporary Christian faith allows it though it restricts ash scattering. In comparison, Buddhists and Hindus incline towards cremation services fully.

There’s no standard procedure for ash scattering for those that allow cremation. For Christians, spreading ashes may mean returning to Earth from where they came. As for Hindus, it is a tradition to scatter ashes in the Ganges River or a local one (depends on where you live).

Hindu religion believes that cremation reverses the beginning of life, which involves joining the flesh and bones. The flames are a way to offer a last sacrifice to the gods. The scattering of ashes symbolizes the release of the spirit.

Cultural importance

People choose cremation for its eco-friendly nature. Today, more people are growing conscious of the human impact on the environment and the irreversible damage caused. Seeking cremation services, then choosing to scatter the cremains may indicate environmental consciousness.

General importance

Scattering ashes can also symbolize:

  • Letting go
  • An eternal journey if scattered over water
  • Liberating a loved one’s spirit
  • Closure

As with funeral services, cremation services have their significance. Remember, it does not matter which scattering ceremony you select. What matters more is ensuring every family member gets to say their final goodbye.

Remember, ash scattering is not the only way to honor a loved one. You can decide to keep a portion of the ashes and get the team at Florida Family Cremations to store them in cremation jewelry.

If you or a family member is considering cremation, Florida Family Cremations is ready to ensure your loved one gets a dignified send-off. We offer affordable cremation services in Clearwater and the tri-county area. Our primary services include cremation pre-planning, veteran’s services, immediate need, and grief support. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our prepaid cremation plan and customized services for final arrangements.