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Cremation Planning: 5 Reasons to Pre-Plan Cremation

There are many benefits to pre-planning cremation. It’s a subject that many people put off discussing, but cremation pre-planning can help you make practical, informed choices about your final arrangements. These five advantages to seeking cremation services ahead of time can help you and your family broach the subject with love and compassion and ultimately bring you closer together.

1. Pre-Planning Cremation Makes It Easier For Your Family
Planning final arrangements for a loved one is often emotionally taxing, especially when someone passes away suddenly. Pre-planning cremation is a gift you can give your family after you’re gone. It can take some of the emotional weight off your loved ones’ shoulders and bring a sense of relief at an already difficult time. It also helps your friends and family avoid conflict, as they won’t have to wonder if they’ve made arrangements according to your wishes. Instead, they can focus on supporting each other through their grief.

2. Pre-Planning Cremation Makes Your Wishes Known
Pre-planning cremation allows you to document exactly what you want for your final arrangements. Putting your wishes in writing gives you the opportunity to make your own choices and alleviates the pressure your loved ones may feel about “getting it right” after your passing. It also enables you to clarify whether you’d like a traditional service, scattering ceremony, or another type of celebration of your life. If you serve or have served in the armed forces, you can find an establishment that offers specialized pre-planning cremation services for veterans to ensure you’re laid to rest with honor and dignity.

3. Pre-Planning Cremation Can Bring Your Family Closer Together
Opening up about your wishes for final arrangements can lead to candid, productive communication with your spouse, children, and other family members and friends. Pre-planning enables you to talk about what really matters to you. It also gives your loved ones an opportunity to get involved in the pre-planning process and share ideas about how they’d like to celebrate your life. Sharing these thoughts and feelings can help you learn new things about each other and bring your family closer together.

4. Financial Sense
With funeral and burial costs rising at a rapid pace, many families opt for cremation when they have an immediate need for services. Pre-planning cremation helps your family avoid having to make rash, rushed decisions that can end up being very costly, both emotionally and financially. It allows you to lock in a set price and pay a flat fee for all cremation services, so you can control the cost of your final arrangements.

5. Environmentally Friendly Cremation Services
Embalming, the use of flowers, caskets, and the maintenance of gravesites all have a significant impact on the environment. If you’re conscious of your carbon footprint, cremation may be a better choice than a traditional funeral. Although cremation does produce some emissions, the process doesn’t require the harsh chemicals used in embalming. Cremated remains also take up much less land space if buried.

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