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3 Reasons to Pre-Plan Cremation Services

Many people don’t like to think about what will happen after they’re gone. However, planning your own arrangements can give you and your family peace of mind. One way to ease your loved ones’ burden is to pre-plan cremation. There are several benefits to cremation preplanning.

A Pre-Plan Cremation Service Will Make Your Wishes Known

When a loved one passes, families often have no idea what their loved one’s wishes were before being laid to rest. Trying to guess what a loved one would want for arrangements can add additional distress, especially if the family needs cremation services for veterans. This situation can cause arguments and stress at a particularly difficult time. Taking the opportunity to pre-plan cremation services can help your family avoid conflict and allow them to grieve and celebrate your life in peace. Many cremation planning packages also include special protection plans that ensure everything is taken care of by experienced professionals if you or a loved one unexpectedly passes away.

Deciding to pre-plan cremation services in Clearwater can spark conversation with your loved ones about how you’d like to be honored and take a big weight off their shoulders.

Pre-Plan Cremation to Ease the Financial Burden

The cost of a traditional funeral can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars, which is out of reach for many families. When you pre-plan cremation services, you’re able to lock in pricing and pay for arrangements ahead of time, which means you can take a heavy financial burden off your loved ones at a difficult time. Some crematoriums typically retrieve and transport your loved one, so you’ll know where they always are.

A reputable cremation service will also take care of securing all required permits for cremation, contact the Social Security Administration on behalf of your family, provide a death certificate and a basic urn for the remains of your loved one, which can always be personalized or enhanced at a later time. All these services are included in the total cost when you pre-plan cremation, so your loved ones won’t have to deal with scrambling to take care of these important details.

Cremation is Gentle on the Environment

Embalming is required for a traditional burial. The fluids used for embalming contain formaldehyde-based chemicals, which are carcinogenic. A traditional funeral and burial usually involve the use of flowers, wood, or metal caskets and land space, which are not only costly, but leave more of a carbon footprint on the planet. Cremation takes up significantly less space in different ways—many families choose to keep their loved one’s ashes at home or scatter them in a special location. State-of-the-art cremation equipment is optimized for efficiency and emissions reduction.

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