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Direct Cremation Services

Direct Cremation Services from the Dedicated Team at Florida Family Cremations
Florida family Cremations has provided simple cremation services to residents throughout counties in Florida for years. All our staff is committed to planning a cremation service that honors your deceased loved ones. Whether it’s an immediate need or a cremation pre-plan, we are happy to guide you through the direct cremation process.

How We Work
If you are unfamiliar with cremation services, you should know that the process involves cremating a loved one’s body and giving the remains to the next of kin. Our direct cremation services cater to everything you may need.

These needs include:

  • Transporting the deceased from place of death to our crematorium
  • Direct cremation
  • Obtaining mandatory permits
  • Filing for the death certificate

Here’s what to expect when you decide to work with us.

  • You contact us, and we discuss the available cremation options
  • You fill out paperwork authorizing us to plan your loved one’s cremation
  • Our team arranges for the transfer of the deceased to our crematorium
  • We take care of permits and apply for necessary documents such as the death certificate
  • We carry out your family’s wishes. Otherwise, we follow the deceased wishes if they had an existing cremation pre-plan.
  • We begin the cremation process
  • We give back your loved one’s ashes
  • Upon request, we offer grief support resources

Simple cremation – If your family wants an affordable cremation option, this will work for you. We will cremate your loved one immediately and send the cremated remains to family members.

We Are Proud to Offer Veteran’s Services
Florida Family cremations is a veteran-owned business. We believe and are honored to offer veterans and their loved ones a dignified cremation service. Here’s what you should know about veteran benefits.

Many families do not know the burial benefits available for veterans. Our compassionate team will help you understand these benefits and the paperwork needed to apply for them. Veterans with an honorable discharge are eligible for the burial of ashes in national cemeteries for free. Florida has nine national cemeteries.

The veteran benefits available include:

$300 burial allowance and up to $828 for a burial site

  • A Presidential Memorial Certificate
  • Headstone, medallion, and marker
  • United States burial flag

Florida Family Cremations offers specialized veteran’s services. Our package includes:

  • A 10% discount

We Offer Post-Cremation Support
If you wish to honor a loved one but don’t know what to do with the cremated remains, our team can help. Usually, families choose these options.

  • Ash scattering. You can choose to do so on private land, at sea, or on meaningful grounds.
  • Interment. Several interment options are available. If the deceased is a veteran, you can bury their cremated remains in a national cemetery or private property.
  • Storing ashes in an urn
  • You can also decide to store your loved one’s ashes in keepsakes. Doing so offers a chance to always have your loved one nearby. We offer keepsakes in different materials, including metal and wood. We also have a wide selection of cremation jewelry available in various materials like stainless steel and gold.

Why Choose Florida Family Cremations

  • You can count on us for all-in-one cremation services
  • We offer affordable cremation, with a specialized discount for veterans
  • We are a compassionate team

Have You lost a Loved One? Contact Us today for Direct Cremation Services
When you lose a loved one, you want a crematory provider that offers peace of mind knowing that all arrangements will go smoothly. Florida Family Cremations is a veteran-owned business that offers comprehensive cremation services in Clearwater, FL. If you wish to cremate a loved one and need immediate assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. Our caring team is ready to guide you through the whole direct cremation process.