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Cremation Service in Tarpon

Sensitive and Caring Cremation Service in Tarpon

The passing of someone you love is one of the most difficult, heart-wrenching ordeals to go through. Florida Family Cremations understands that you need someone who you can trust to be on your side throughout the process. Our cremation services in Tarpon are handled with the utmost dignity and care, which will alleviate some of your stress and allow you to grieve properly.

Let Us Take Care of Everything

Florida Family Cremations will take on all the steps that typically come with putting a loved one to rest. Here are just some of the cremation service responsibilities that we will handle for you:

  • Pick up the deceased and transport them.
  • Contact Social Security for the family.
  • Obtain the proper permits.
  • Provide cremation services in a clean environment.
  • Provide a single death certificate.

Dignity Throughout the Process

Florida Family Cremations believes that maintaining a sense of dignity is one of the most precious commodities when dealing with the passing of a loved one. Every person on our staff will show you the highest level of respect from the time you contact us to the end of our cremation services.

Cremation Pre-Planning Available

Very often, it is necessary to pre-plan a loved one’s passing and cremation because he or she has fallen ill and it is only a matter of time. Our staff has been well-trained in handling cremation pre planning that you can properly prepare and know what to expect.

Clean Facility and Environment

Florida Family Cremations maintains a clean facility and environment so that you feel comfortable whenever you employ our services. This is just one way that we show a high level of professionalism whenever we provide cremation services in Tarpon.

Loving Staff for Your Needs

Whenever a loved one passes, you will likely go through a series of powerful emotions that can sometimes be difficult to contain. Our staff is a group of very loving individuals who will help alleviate some of this burden by carefully walking you through the cremation service process and showing that they truly do care.

Affordable Alternative to a Burial

Our cremation services in Tarpon are not only professionally managed, but they are also an affordable alternative to funerals. Whereas funeral costs can be as much as $8,000 or higher, our all-inclusive services are a fraction of the price at only $850.

Touring Available to the Public

To help ensure your trust in both our facility and our staff, Florida Family Cremations invites you to visit our cremation services facility at your earliest convenience. Let us know when you would like to visit and we will schedule a tour so that you can see everything for yourself.

Immediate Need

There are times when a person’s passing is so sudden that you haven’t been able to plan anything ahead of time. Our staff will deliver the same level of professionalism and care when the immediate need for cremation services arises.

Veteran Services

Whenever a veteran of the Armed Forces passes on, it is very important that every step of the cremation service process be handled with dignity, integrity, and respect. Our staff will help you celebrate the life of your loved one who gave to his or her country in the best way possible with cremation services for veterans.

Contact Florida Family Cremation Service in Tarpon

Florida Family Cremations can assist you with cremation services in Tarpon and will treat you and your loved ones with the highest level of respect and dignity. If you require our services or have any questions, reach out to us at (727) 223-5911 for a free consultation.