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What are the Advantages of Pre-Planning Cremation Services?

What are the Advantages of Pre-Planning Cremation Services?

Most people choose to take charge of their end-of-life plans. These include writing a will and taking out a life insurance policy. Pre-planning cremation is just as vital as those decisions.

But what does pre-planning involve? It entails arranging with a funeral home what you want for your cremation service before the time comes. Why is pre-planning cremation beneficial? Here’s why:

1. Pre-Planning Cremation Removes Financial Burden from the Family

Death is highly unpredictable. It can come at a time when your family isn’t financially prepared. Even though some people rely on life insurance during such times, processing the claims may cause delays.

Similarly, if you have financial savings, it takes time to transfer them to the next of kin. Besides, such savings and insurance benefits should help your children when you’re not there to provide for them.

On the other hand, pre-planning cremation doesn’t cause delays in the event of death. The best part is that it’s cheaper. Cremation cost increases with time due to inflation and other factors. But when you pre-arrange cremation, you can make payments in advance.

So, instead of paying a future inflated price, you lock the current price. Best part, you don’t need to pay the whole amount once. You can pay in installments.

Not only does this save your family from a future financial burden, but it also gives them peace of mind. Without the financial burden, your family will focus on remembering you and giving you a respectful send-off.

2. Allows You to Communicate Your Wishes

Do you prefer burial or cremation? Should there be a memorial service, and how would you like your ashes scattered? Pre-planning cremation allows you to make such decisions and many others. You can plan your funeral service to the smallest detail, including the kind of flowers and music you want for the service.

Making such decisions in advance eliminates conflict among the grieving family members. They won’t have to guess what you’d have wanted. Instead, they’ll implement what you said to honor you.

3. Helps to Ease the Grieving Process

The death of a loved one creates emotional turmoil for the family members. They may get confused and unable to process the news of death. How good it would be if they don’t have to make complex decisions at such a time? By planning your cremation before time, you’re making everything simple for your family.

So instead of taking time to make cremation arrangements, they’ll use that time to share their memories about you. They’ll be able to process, grieve, and enjoy the company of loving family members.

What Cremation Plans Are Available?

Pre-planning cremation allows you to choose the plan that fits your budget and wishes. The main plans available include:

  • Simple cremation – It takes place immediately after death and doesn’t involve a funeral service. Your family gets the ashes in an urn and can make private funeral arrangements if they wish.
  • Memorial – It involves a memorial service after the simple or direct cremation. The remains will be present during the service. Then the family members will take the ashes home and decide what to do with them.
  • Funeral – It’s the most comprehensive plan with some activities similar to traditional burial. People will attend a funeral service, where they’ll view the body. Afterward, the body will be cremated instead of being buried in a casket.

Pre-Plan Cremation with Florida Family Cremations

Need to pre-plan your cremation? Florida Family Cremations can help you. We provide affordable cremation services in Clearwater and throughout Florida.

Our packages include veterans’ services, direct cremation, and simple cremation services. Give us a call to learn more about our pre-planning cremation services and urn options.