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Pre-Cremation Plan: Develop a “Plan” for Cremation

Have you decided whether you want cremation or traditional burial? If your choice is cremation, have you considered a pre-cremation plan? Planning for end-of-life matters involves more than choosing between traditional funerals and cremation. Besides informing your family about your preferred choice, you can go a step further and plan how you want them to conduct your memorial service.

A better way to do that is by making these final arrangements with a cremation service provider. You might be wondering why it’s crucial. Everything goes well with a plan, right? By having a pre-cremation plan, you’ll be able to:

Avoid Family Conflict at the Time of Grief

Conflicts in times of grief aren’t uncommon. Yet that’s the worst time to have them. One of the causes of such disputes is passing on information without clarifying your sendoff wishes.

That leaves the family members guessing what you may have wanted. If their ideas clash, serious disagreements can arise and disrupt arrangements.

It’s much simpler to tell them about your last wishes in advance. Such a move will allow your loved ones to grieve in peace and use that moment as a celebration of life.

Make certain that your final wishes are met.

Everyone wants a respectful sendoff, and that’s where planning comes in. You probably have some desires or wishes about how you’d like your cremation and celebration of life to be conducted.

Should there be a ceremony or not? If yes, where should it take place? Should your cremated remains be buried or scattered in the sea?

A pre-cremation plan allows you to answer those questions and ensures your wishes are clear to your family. In return, your family members will feel the need to implement them to show honor.

Save Money by Paying in Advance

One of the benefits of cremation is that it allows you to save money. There’s no need for a casket, embalming, or an expensive graveyard. But you can save even more by pre-planning cremation. That’s the case if you decide to pay in advance.

You may have noticed that cremation costs rise year after year due to inflation and the large number of people who choose cremation. When you pay in advance, you can lock in today’s prices. This way, the effect of inflation won’t affect you. Furthermore, you will relieve your family’s financial burden, making life easier for them.

Keep your mind at ease

The cremation planning process can be overwhelming. You might be worried those in charge of decision-making won’t do it well once you pass. That’s the case if you’re leaving behind kids who are still young. So if you have concerns that something may go wrong, pre-planning allows you to set matters straight.

If you so desire, funeral homes can relieve your family of the burden. Knowing everything is well planned with no doubts remaining, gives everyone in the family peace of mind.

Pre-Cremation Procedures

If you want to plan your cremation, approach the cremation provider’s home and ask about the various cremation services available. Choose the option that aligns with your wishes and budget. Then you can decide whether to pay now or later. Inform your family members about the arrangement to eliminate hiccups during implementation.

Do you feel pre-planning a cremation is best for you? Florida Family Cremation invites you to check out our cremation services. We offer affordable cremation services in Clearwater, including simple cremation and veterans’ services.

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