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How to Keep Your Passed Loved One’s Memories Alive During the Holidays

How to Keep Your Passed Loved One's Memories Alive During the Holidays

When a loved one passes, all we’re left with are memories. Unfortunately, there’s no way to bring back these memories without feeling sad. During the holiday season, these memories intensify. You might think locking them out can help avoid sadness while celebrating the holidays.

But that doesn’t often work, and it’s not even good for your mental health. Why not try the opposite? Here’s how to keep a loved one’s memory alive during holiday celebrations.

1. Visit Your Loved One’s Resting Place

Did you bury your loved one’s remains? If yes, visit the graveyard where they’re resting. It will help you feel close to them. You might consider redecorating the gravestone using flowers and special ornaments.

If you previously scattered the ashes in the sea, river, or land, you can also visit the site with your family members.

2. Engage in Your Loved One’s Favorite Activity

If your loved one was alive, what would they be doing during holiday celebrations? Would they visit a place or enjoy themselves at home? Try remembering your loved one’s favorite activity, including food, music, movies, and TV shows they watched.

When you cook, include in your recipe something they loved eating. Play their favorite songs and watch a movie they used to love. That might help you relive the good times you had together.

3. Observe A Moment of Silence

A moment of silence is often considered a gesture of respect and honor to a deceased person. You can do the same in memory of your passed loved one. That’s how to keep a loved one’s memory alive without the hassle of too many activities. It can work anywhere, even when celebrating holidays in a restaurant.

4. Donate to Charity in Their Honor

Did your passed loved one often donate to charity? Why not do the same in their memory? When you donate, use their name instead of yours.

If it’s hard to donate cash, you can offer your time. Or you could show random acts of kindness to remember your loved one’s generosity.

5. Watch A Family Video and Go Through a Photo Album

If you have a video of your passed loved one, you can play it during the festive season. Watching such videos can bring the memory alive and make you feel like you’re spending time with them. Alternatively, go through the photo album to help recall shared memories in the past. You can also pick a few photos from the album and display them in your living room throughout the holiday season.

6. Let Everyone in the Family Share Their Memories

Another way to remember your loved one is to gather everyone together and let them share their memories. These memories may differ, and you might find comfort in what family and friends say about the deceased loved one.

It can be in the form of a conversation, or you can ask each one to write their memories in a book. Then later, you can read what everyone has written. For one, written memories last, and you can always read them each holiday when you miss your loved one.

7. Light A Candle for Them

Still wondering how to keep a loved one’s memory alive? How about lighting a candle? It’s a popular method that has a long history.

Generally, it signifies that the memories of the deceased live on and burn bright. That’s why people leave the candle burning.

Make It a Family Tradition to Remember Your Loved Ones During the Holidays

Losing a loved one is a painful experience, but it doesn’t have to be sorrowful when celebrating the holidays. The seven points on how to keep a loved one’s memory alive can help keep the holidays enjoyable. Pick one or several suggestions that help bring your loved one’s memory and make it a family tradition.

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